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The spreadsheets software began its widespread use in business and finance (accounting for example), and so it is placed within the Office Software section. Certainly it is also used a lot by scientists/engineers because of its capabilities of easy manipulation/computation of data and generation of simple plots. It is, however, not suitable for intensive calculations, sophisticated graphics, and large scale data processing (these topics are covered in previous sections).

Since Office Suites might also contain a spreadsheet program, that section is also worth a check.

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Spreadsheets   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

Abacus -- a spreadsheet written using Tcl/Tk and C++/C.
abs [GPL] -- a basic spreadsheet with graphic user interface.
dismal -- a character mode spreadsheet runs inside the Emacs editor.
GtkSheet [GPL] -- matrix widget for GTK+ suitable for spreadsheet-like GUI.
Gnumeric [GPL] -- a spreadsheet for GNOME desktop environment.
Maxwell's Lemur [GPL] -- a spreadsheet using Guile and Gtk.
mc -- Lotus compatible character based spreadsheet.
moodss [GPL] -- a modular object oriented dynamic spreadsheet.
NExS [CM] -- full-featured, Motif compliant spreadsheet developed specifically for Unix.
Oleo [GPL] -- GNU spreadsheet
sc -- a simple spreadsheet calculator on console.
NEW Sharp Tools Spreadsheet [GPL] -- a spreadsheet written in Java with full formula support.
SIAG [GPL] -- a spreadsheet based on X and Scheme.
Teapot -- simple spreadsheet program.
VOTE -- a portable spreadsheet project.
Wingz [CM] -- easy-to-use, graphical spreadsheet for business and technical professionals.
Xess [CM][SR] -- spreadsheet that provides a full complement of functions, graphs, and other features.
XQUAD [CM] -- spreadsheet with scientific/financial calculations, and presentation of numerical data.
xxl [GPL] -- graphical spreadsheet designed to be simple, easy to use and user friendly.

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