The BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) are high quality "building block" routines for performing basic vector and matrix operations. Level 1 BLAS do vector-vector operations, Level 2 BLAS do matrix-vector operations, and Level 3 BLAS do matrix-matrix operations. Because the BLAS are efficient, portable, and widely available, they're commonly used in the development of high quality linear algebra software, LINPACK and LAPACK for example.

If a vendor-optimized version of the BLAS is not available, one can obtain a Fortran77 reference implementation from the blas directory on the Home Site below. However, this ``model implementation'' of the BLAS is not expected to perform as well as a specially tuned implementation on most high-performance computers -- on some machines it may give much worse performance -- but it allows users to run BLAS-based codes on machines that do not offer any other implementation of the BLAS.

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PCs, workstations

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Other Links: (Quick Reference Guide to the BLAS)
ATLAS (Self Optimizing BLAS implementation)
Pentium Pro Optimized BLAS
PHiPAC BLAS-compatible matrix-matrix multiply generator.
Pentium Optimized BLAS
C_BLAS 123 Commercial, optimized BLAS for C
dgemm for Alpha Chip with high performance

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  • Some commercial numerical libraries such as NAG F77 library and some commercial compilers such as PGI compiling system comes with compiled BLAS and LAPACK.

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