LAPACK and BLAS libraries for Linux

LAPACK version 2.0 is a comprehensive FORTRAN library that does linear algebra operations including matrix inversions, least squared solutions to linear sets of equations, eigen analysis, SVD etc. It is a very comprehensive and reputable package that has found extensive use in the scientific community. It is an updated LINPACK and EISPACK in one package. The BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Routines) do stuff like matrix multiplies, Given's rotations etc. and are usually hand optimized for specific machines (as in DEC's DXML library). In this case, the original FORTRAN version is used. Both LAPACK and BLAS are available in source code from Netlib.

More complete information is available in separate entries at LAPACK and BLAS.

This binary ELF distribution of the libraries for Linux can be used with g77 or with f2c+gcc.

Current Version:   2.0.1

License Type:   Free

Home Site:

Source Code Availability:

Yes, from

Available Binary Packages:

Targeted Platforms:


Software/Hardware Requirements:

f2c or g77

Other Links: (lapack*)

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