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Mathematics is a huge topic, and we make no claim that this section is complete. However, most of the engineers and scientists will find the software listed in this category useful. For example, software in Computer Algebra Systems can help one derive, simplify, and manipulate equations symbolically instead of using pen and paper. Software in Array-Oriented System will assist you in handling linear algebra numerically, and software in Statistics will help you perform statistical analysis on your data. You can use most of these software without writing code (though, many of them have their own programming languages). For those who are interested in coding the numerical analysis program, you should look at the next category: Numerical Analysis.

Note that the spreadsheet software are listed here within the Office Software section.
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Computer Algebra Systems   GAMS, Maple, Mathematica, MuPAD, Reduce,...
Array-Oriented & Linear Algebra Systems   GAUSS, IDL, MATCOM, Matlab, Octave, Rlab, Scilab, TELA, ....
Statistics   |STAT, S-Plus, Stata, TSP, ViSta, xldlas, Xlisp-Stat...
Number Theory   KANT/KASH, LiDIA, NTL, Pari/GP, SIMATH...

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