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"Office Software" is referred to as software suites that bundle word processors, spreadsheets, and sometimes presentations or drawing tools, and personal database programs. To ordinary computer users, these computer programs have made their PCs convenient tools for them. As many might think these handy office automation programs are not available on Linux, this section provides abundant resources that could change your mind.

Since many advanced users in document processing prefer typesetting programs to WYSIWYG (What You See (on screen) Is What You Get (on printer)) word processors, the name of this section "Office Software" does have a broad meaning.

For calculator programs for simple math, please check out several of those software in the Misc subsection of Mathematics.
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Office Software

Office Suites   ANGOSS SmartWare, Applixware, Caldera Internet Office Suite, StarOffice, ....
Typesetting & Formating   LyX, MathSpad, SGML-TOOLS, TeXShell, ...
Word Processing & Publishing   PAPyRUS, SciTeXt, Thot, XCLAMATION, WAZO, WordPerfect...
Spreadsheets   NExS, Oleo, Wingz, Xess, XQUAD, ....
Text Editors   Edith Pro, Emacs, NEdit, Scriptum, SEDIT, SlickEdit, vi, ....

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