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The Sparkle Plug-In

Michael J. Hammel <>

Version 1.0

Last Updated: 09/01/96

The Sparkle plug-in was originally written by John Beale as a stand alone program which would process a TGA image to add "sparkles" to the brightest (whitest) parts of an image. The effect, when properly applied to an image, is similar to lens flare. However, more interesting effects can be made than just lens flare. I did the port of Sparkle to a Gimp plug-in for two reasons: 1) to do a little programming related to graphics and 2) to learn how the plug-in API worked. It turned out to be easier than I thought. Sparkle only works on RGB images at the moment. It could probably be changed to work with indexed color images, but I'm not sure if the effect would be the same.

1. Introduction

2. Features

3. The Sparkle Dialog Box

4. Example Images

5. Notes

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