Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Adobe

These are HTML versions of Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Adobe Photoshop. They are written by Kai Krause, of Curved Space*Design, who agreed to make them available on the Internet.

So far only the Macintosh tips and tricks are available. We are working on the Windows ones and hope to have them up soon.

HSC has a web site under construction. As soon as it is available we will link to it.

  • Tip 1: Secrets of Chops (Channel Operations)
  • Tip 2: You need more Chops
  • Tip 3: Instant "Brushed Aluminum" textures
  • Tip 4: How to Clean Up ... a Fax or a Scan
  • Tip 5: Have a Ball ... Instant Spheres
  • Tip 6: Top Ten List: Often Overlooked Basics
  • Tip 7: Filter Skelter: Displace is nice ....
  • Tip 7a: KPT Displace.Star Explosion
  • Tip 7b: KPT Displace.Push from Behind
  • Tip 7c: KPT Displace.Glassy Spheroid
  • Tip 7d: KPT Displace.Schizophrenia
  • Tip 7e: KPT Displace.3-D Space Trails
  • Tip 8: Arbitrary Maps: Magic other than the wand
  • Tip 9: Undiscovered Heroes: Polarizing ... ?
  • Tip 10: Litter Removal: Moiré Rémoval;
  • Tip 11: One Minute Quickies: 10,000 volts in 3 steps
  • Tip 12: Colorization for Ted Turner...... NOT
  • Tip 13: Colorization II: and Hue and Eye
  • Tip 14: Selections: Naturally, Darwin
  • Tip 15: One Minute Quickies: Instant Spirals
  • Tip 16: Algorithmic Textues II: From noise to nice
  • Tip 17: Secrets of Chops, Vol. 3
  • Tip 18: Secrets of Chops, Vol. 3b
  • Tip 19: Another Chopping Spree, Vol. 3c
  • Tip 20: Composing Atoms out of Quarks, or Pictures in an Exhibition
  • Tip 21: TilinggniliTTilinggniliT: Tiles in Style
  • Tip 22: Domain Shifts: Applied Metamorphosis
  • Tip 23: Complexity-city! The Snowy Mask Technique

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