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Items Added in January/February, 2001:

XR -- an implementation of exact real arithmetics.[2001/01/24]
AccuRev/CM [CM] -- a fast, powerful, and easy-to-use "Timesafe" SCM tool.[2001/01/24]
tkgeomap [GPL] -- Tcl/Tk extension for handling geographic data.[2001/01/24]
Marvin [CM] -- a set of Java tools for drawing and displaying chemical structures.[2001/01/24]
PHREEQC -- speciation, batch-reaction, 1D transport, and inverse geochemical calculations.[2001/01/24]
treeplot [GPL] -- converting phylogenetic tree file to vector or image file.[2001/01/24]
DynamIT [CM] -- universal and fully dynamic GUI for relational databases.[2001/01/24]
CalculiX [GPL] -- finite element software for 3D nonlinear structural applications.[2001/01/24]
Matrix Math [GPL] -- a software to quickly and easily compute functions of matrices.[2001/01/24]
Yoix -- scripting language uses syntax and functions similar to C and Java.[2001/01/24]
Leadtools Imaging for Linux -- an imaging developer toolkit for the Linux.[2001/01/24]
DBUI [GPL] -- a fully functional database viewer/editor for MySQL and Postgres.[2001/01/24]
Thorn -- creating an open source project for UML modeling.[2001/01/24]
JChem -- a development tool in Java for manipulating mixed chemical and corporate data.[2001/01/24]
JVProlog -- implementation of Prolog based on special abstract machine.[2001/01/24]
Lithos -- a stack based evolutionary computation system.[2001/01/24]
Rheolef [GPL] -- a finite element environment with C++ classes and UNIX commands.[2001/01/24]
radarFDTD [GPL] -- full 3D-FDTD simulation of elctromagnetic waves.[2001/01/24]
Internet C++ and ICVM -- an open alternative to Java and C-Sharp, and its virtual machine.[2001/01/24]
GVD [GPL] -- a general purpose graphical debugger frontend.[2001/01/24]
Jext [GPL] -- a Java-based programming text editor.[2001/01/24]
JCad [GPL] -- a smart 2D CAD application written completely in Java.[2001/01/24]
G-Octave [GPL] -- a GNOME-based frontend for GNU Octave.[2001/01/24]
SADE [GPL] -- a genetic based optimisation method that uses differential operators.[2001/01/24]
KRESLITKO -- a simple library/application to create graphics application under X-Windows.[2001/01/24]
Abria SQL [CM] -- integration of MySQL and secure Apache/SSL.[2001/01/24]
Table Lens Server [CM] -- graphical data exploration and analysis.[2001/01/24]
MSC.Patran [GPL] -- a sophisticated finite element modeler.[2001/01/24]

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