SN Searching from +50 to the Pole - Part 2.

Searching For Supernovae In Areas Normally Not Covered By Conventional Searches.


In the second installment of searching for supernovae (SNe) from +50 to the Pole an additional 172 target galaxies will be added to the program. These galaxies will be brighter than magnitude 13.4, (but fainter than 12.5m as per Part 1 of this program) and are gleaned from the Shapley-Ames Catalog (Appendix A) (Note:The magnitudes of some of the entities have had more updated values associated with them, hence they might fall outside of the limitations of the catalog data). It is the intent of this program to extend the capabilities (or limiting magnitude) of target galaxies to those visual observers who possess larger aperture scopes. These, and any additional galaxies (124) that appear in the same field as the target entities may also be used by CCD/deep photographic search initiatives.

Note: this project is intended as a project involving conscientious and serious observers....A minimum of a 16" telescope (visual) is a indeterminate amount of self-disciple, and "sticktoitivness".

The program will include: FOWARD and CHARTED SUPERNOVAE
A brief foward and a list of supernovae that have occured in the target area. This section describes supernovae (and statistics) that have been cataloged from declination +50 to +90.
The galaxies to monitor, and statistics. A list of galaxies (and statistics) by declination brighter than approx.12.5m (Ames Catalog),
Some final thoughts on this program and references for additional information.