SN Searching - Part 2.


Twelve supernovae events (involving varying galaxy magnitude ranges) were found within a two year period in the declination bins of +50 - +90 degrees.(December, 1994 - December, 1996*). Three events (within the magnitude parameters of Part 1 of this program) were found by amateur astronomers, with the latter being shared with professionals (SNe 1995E, 1996bk, and 1996bu). In addition nine events (SNe 1995F, 1995J, 1995O, 1995X, 1995ag, 1996ah, 1996bn, 1996bv and 1996by) were found by professional initiatives which were fainter than the limitations of this program.(thru SN1996cb)

   +50       +60       +70       +80    -+90

   3         5	         3	  1

(*In that period an additional 135 [+/-] events have been catalogued.)(2)


To date (December 15, 1996) ~1067 (+/-) SNe events have occured since 1885. The total events catalogued within the +50 - 90 degree declination bin (all galaxy magnitude ranges) is 125 (+/-), yielding a percentage find of 11.7% (which is consistent with the percentages reported earlier in Part 1).


1909A, 1912A, 1917A, 1937A, 1939C, 1940A, 1940C, 1940D, 1946A, 1948B, 1951H, 1953G, 1953H?, 1954C, 1955A, 1955E, 1956A, 1957A, 1963J, 1963K, 1963O, 1964A, 1964E, 1964O (INTERGAL?), 1965L, 1965O, 1968D, 1968J, 1969B, 1969P, 1970E, 1970F, 1970G, 1972B, 1972R, 1973C, 1973V, 1974C, 1974D, 1975E, 1975G, 1975T, 1976C, 1976M?, 1978B, 1978H, 1979B, 1980B, 1980D, 1980K, 1982W, 1983B, 1982X, 1983W, 1984B, 1984Q, 1987C, 1988L, 1988N, 1988R?, 1990??, 1991F, 1991G, 1991N, 1991Y?, 1992B, 1992F, 1992R, 1992ac, 1992aw, 1992bm. 1992bt, 1992bu, 1993G, 1993ai, 1994E, 1994G, 1994J, 1994P, 1995F, 1996bu, 1996bv.


1950M, 1954J, 1954K, 1971M, 1972G, 1976N?, 1977C, 1982Y, 1985H, 1988J?, 1989P?, 1989X?, 1991ae, 1991an, 1991au, 1991aw, 1992aa, 1992av, 1993J, 1993ac, 1994A, 1994W, 1995J, 1995O, 1996bk, 1996bn, 1996by.


1972H, 1978F, 1985A, 1987M, 1989D, 1995E, 1995X, 1995ag.


1962Q, 1968V, 1968W, 1977E, 1982B, 1987L,1993X, 1996ah.

The total breakdown of supernovae in the control declination bins are as follows (Since 1885):

+50       +60      +70      +80        -+90

  82       27        8       8

This yields a percentage ratio of:

  • 65.6% of SNe occuring in the +50 dec. bin.
  • 21.6% of SNe occuring in the +60 dec. bin.
  • 6.4% of SNe occuring in the +70 dec. bin.
  • 6.4% of SNe occuring in the +80-+90 dec. bin.

(Note: It might be interesting to mention that over the past two years the galaxy selection in Part 2, yielded SN's 1995F, SN 1995J and the recent SN 1996cc.)