SN Searching - Part 2.



IC2166, U3789, U3816, U3828, U4079, U2469, IC2233, U4671, U4713, U4749, U4906, N3042, U5435, N3182, N3206, N3225, N3406, U6309, N3656, N3657, N3669, N3674, U6484, N3757, N3733, N3770, N3838, U6732, N3870, N3894, N3921, N3958, N3972, N4068, N4194, U7367, N4384, N4500, N4686, N5109, N5278, Ho IV, N5389, N5443, N5475, N5481, N5520, N5602, N5667, IC1029, N5707, N5875, N5963, N5987, N5989, N6127, N6189, N6190, N6283, N6764, N6824. There are 61 target galaxies.


IC342, IC356, IC396, U3478, U3504, U3511, N2273, U3580, U3642, U3660, U3685, IC2179, U4169, N2726, N2805, N2820, IC2574, N3266, N3471, N3654, N3668, N3682, U6534, N3762, N3796, N3809, N3835, N3879, N3978, N4081, N4108, N4210, N4221, N4332, N4441, N4521, N4545, N5205, N5218, N5894, N6140, N6223, N6247, U10731, N6381, N6411, N6621, N6677, N6701, N6796, N6869. There are 51 target galaxies.


IC334, N1485, N1530, N1560, IC391, U3431, N2258, U3697, U3714, U3804, IC467, U3859, U4028, U4041, U4151, U4238, HO II, N2544, N2550, N2591, U4397, N2629, IC2389, N2634, N2646, U4623, IC520, HO III, U4883, IC529, N2810, N2977, N3027, N3183, N3562, N4127, N4133, N4250, N4319, U7767, N4648, N5144, N5832, N6048, N6068, U10502, N6232, N6236, N6324, U10803, N6395, N6434, N6654, N6689, U11332. There are 55 target galaxies


N1184, U3253, IC469, IC499, IC512. There are 5 target galaxies.

Breakdown of target galaxy types in the declination area +50-+90 degrees, by order:

Sc   S    Sa   E  SO  SBc  Pec  SBa  Sb  SBb  SO-a  SBO  Irr  DBL SYS
Sa-b  SB

28   24   15   14  10   10   8   8    7    7    5    5    4      4        3   2

Sc-Irr  Sb/SBb  SB  VY  Sa/SO  SBc-Irr  Sb-c  Sa/SBa  E1  Dwarf  Sb/Sc  Intergal

  2      2     1    1      1      1      1       1     1     1      1       1

SAS7  Dwarf-Irr	SO/SBa  Sc/SBc  SBS7

   1       1     1       1       1

Within the 15' field of the target galaxies there exists other galaxies that are fainter than the subject galaxies for a total of 124 additional targets. The number of these additional galaxies are, in order of declination:

+50	+60	+70	+80

  50	  36	  36	  2

These would offer owners of CCD equipment to extend the limitations of this program.