I. FTS Reference

Table of Contents
I. SQL Commands
CREATE FULLTEXT CONFIGURATION -- create full-text configuration
DROP FULLTEXT CONFIGURATION -- remove a full-text configuration
ALTER FULLTEXT CONFIGURATION -- change a full-text configuration
CREATE FULLTEXT DICTIONARY -- create a dictionary for full-text search
DROP FULLTEXT DICTIONARY -- remove a full-text dictionary
ALTER FULLTEXT DICTIONARY -- change a full-text dictionary
CREATE FULLTEXT MAPPING -- binds tokens and dictionaries
ALTER FULLTEXT MAPPING -- change token binding with FTS dictionaries
DROP FULLTEXT MAPPING -- remove a binding between token and dictionaries
CREATE FULLTEXT PARSER -- create a parser for full-text search
DROP FULLTEXT PARSER -- remove a full-text parser
ALTER FULLTEXT PARSER -- change a full-text parser
ALTER FULLTEXT ... OWNER -- change the owner of a full-text object
COMMENT ON FULLTEXT -- define or change the comment of a full-text object