Chapter 2. FTS Operators and Functions

Table of Contents
2.1. FTS operator
2.2. Vector Operations
2.3. Query Operations
2.3.1. Query rewriting
2.3.2. Operators for tsquery
2.3.3. Index for tsquery
2.4. Parser functions
2.5. Ranking
2.6. Headline
2.7. Full-text indexes
2.8. Dictionaries
2.8.1. Simple dictionary
2.8.2. Ispell dictionary
2.8.3. Snowball stemming dictionary
2.8.4. Synonym dictionary
2.8.5. Thesaurus dictionary
2.9. FTS Configuration
2.10. Debugging
2.11. Psql support

Vectors and queries both store lexemes, but for different purposes. A tsvector stores the lexemes of the words that are parsed out of a document, and can also remember the position of each word. A tsquery specifies a boolean condition among lexemes.

Any of the following functions with a configuration argument can use either an integer id or textual ts_name to select a configuration; if the option is omitted, then the current configuration is used. For more information on the current configuration, read the next section on Section 2.9.