LIC (Line Integral Convolution) plug-in

Current version: 0.13 alpha
Last changed: 17-Sep-1996
Upcoming changes/bugfixes? Yes
Tested platforms: IRIX 5.3, SunOS 5.4 (Solaris 2.4), SunOS 4.1.3
GIMP API version: 0.54.1 (Tue Feb 13 10:29:00)

The plug-in source code is available [here]

What does it do?

Basically this plug-in will smear a image at each pixel along a line which direction and length is calculated from a vector field. This vector field is calculated as the direction or gradient at each pixel of the hue, saturation or brightness of another image. An example of this process is given above. The first image is the original image. The second is a copy of this, but gaussian blurred with a radius of 30. Using this as the input of the LIC on the original image produces the third image. Play around with the plug-in and you'll soon learn how it works. I'll give a few other examples of its use below.

Some examples

To do

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