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This is a vast area that includes software for computer graphics --- viewing/visualization, manipulation/processing, creation (such as drawing, painting, CAD and raytracing applications), and conversion. What's not covered is the programming interfaces (APIs) to the computer graphics (like OpenGL) which is part of the 'Programming' section. There are several computer graphics software on Linux. However, many of them either have specific scientific application purposes, or have limited functionalities. This is changing, though, as more software (including commercial ones) are going to be ported on Linux. We also hope to see Linux become a great computer graphics platform soon.

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Computer Graphics, Images & Signals

Processing & Visualizations   3DVIEWNIX, daVinci, IRAF, Ptolemy, VTK ...
CAD, Drawing & Painting Tools   GIMP, MicroStation, tgif, Xfig, Xpaint, YADE, ...
Modelers   BRL-CAD, GIG3DGO, Sced, VARKON, ...
Raytracers   BMRT, MasterPiece, Megahedron, Radiance, Polyray, POV-ray, ....
Image Viewers, Conversions & Manipulations   Ghostscript, ImageMagick, Liquid Reality, NetPBM, xanim, XV, ...
Geographic Information Systems   GrADS, GRASS, Zebra, Xmap8,.....

Other Resources on the Internet

A free service to collaborate and share files without installing software. It can redline, view and print 906, CAL, CGM, DGN, DWG, HPGL, IGES, ME10, and SolidWorks 2D files.

Linux 3D Site

Linux 3D Modeling and Rendering Page:

The Linux Graphics mini-HOWTO: Frame enhenced web page with lots of graphics information and software on Linux.

Linux Journal, No.31, November, 1996.

Graphics formats for the World Wide Web

Computer Vision Software

Computer Graphics FTP Sites List

inria-graphlib FTP directory

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