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The Numeric Extensions to Python (NumPy) add powerful multi-dimensional array objects to the wonderful general purpose programming language Python. These new objects give Python the number crunching power of numeric languages like Matlab and IDL while maintaining all of the advantages of the general-purpose programming language Python. A slightly outdated overview of the design and motivation behind this system is contained in the paper on: Extending Python for Numeric Computation presented at the 3rd Python Workshop.

Current Version:   15.3

License Type:   OpenSource

Home Site:

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Targeted Platforms:

Unix, MS Windows 95/NT, Macintosh port is in the works.

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Other Links: (Some further extensions to NumPy, like the access to FFTW and Cephes libraries).

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Mailing list, and mailing list archive:

User Comments:

  • "I used to be a big fan of MATLAB but now I have found an open source interactive data environment that beats MATLAB for speed and flexibility hands down."

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