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Cephes is a C language library with special functions for mathematical physics and related items of interest to scientists and engineers. Use it also in place of libm for better cross-platform consistency and accurate long double functions. The new C language standard, C9X, has complex variable types that are supported here and by the GNU C compiler. Partial contents -- Elementary functions (log, exp, sin, cos, ...), Gamma, psi, dilograithm, Airy, Bessel, hypergeometric, and Struve. Complete and incomplete elliptic functions, Fresnel integrals, Probability integrals and their inverses: Gaussian, Poisson, F, Chi-square, gamma, Student's, binomial, negative binomial, Kolmogorov-Smirnov Arithmetic on polynomials, rationals, extended precision floating point, Complex arithmetic, and elementary functions. There are separate libraries for five different precisions: single, double, long double (80 or 96-bit), long double (128-bit), and q-class (384-bit software arithmetic and check routines). There is a C++ class for the extended precision arithmetic.

Current Version:   2.7

License Type:   Freely Distributable

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