On this page you will find a list of the updates most recently made to the Bright Supernovae web pages.   I am putting this page in place as many people surf my pages on a daily basis and want to know what the updates are.  If you find this valuable, please give me some feedback.  It does take considerable time to keep the "updates" page updated.  On image credits:    If the "from" credit is an external link, then I linked to an image on that page.  If it is a relative link, then the image is loaded locally.  Note that I normally don't record updates I make from VSNet. I update magnitudes and add notes from them on an almost daily basis.

Occasionally I make a mistake. Please see the Errata section for a list of these. If you find one, or a broken link, please e-mail me and I will fix it. I maintain these pages with an ASCII editor (no web publishing tools involved at ALL) and I occasionally make a typo which escapes my QC checks.

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