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Contributions by Amateurs

In these pages we have collected contributions by fellow amateurs supernovae hunters. These contributions concern mainly the discoveries they made and their searching activity. If you wish to contact the discoverers please check the biography page. If you would like to submit text and pictures on related topics please contact the webmasters Stefano Pesci and Mirko Villi


Michael Schwartz:

How to discover supernovae ?   (External link)

Robert (Bob) Evans:

The discovery of SN1997bp in NGC 4680 (from TA Magazine, vol34, n.397) - text and images.

Visual Supernova Searching With The 40 inch Telescope at Siding Spring Observatory

Abstract: preliminary results are here presented arising from the use of the 40 inch telescope at Siding Sprimg observatory for visual supernova hunting over a period of about 18 months. The use of the telescope in this way is continuing. These results are compared with the performance of my 41cm backyard telescope over a similar period of time and with the recently announced results from the Perth Observatory's Automated Supernova Search using their 61cm telescope over a three year period.

The discovery of SN1996X in NGC 5061 (from Evans' Circular) - text and images.

The discovery of SN1995ad in NGC 2139 (from TA Magazine, vol32, n.382) - text only.

The discovery of SN1995V in NGC 1087 (from TA Magazine, vol32, n.377) - text only.

A web page on SN1995G in NGC 1643 (external link to the South Australia Astronomical Society) - text and images.

The discovery of SN1995G in NGC 1643 - text Italian only.

Wayne Johnson:

Wayne's web page on supernovae; - (external link)

First supernova; - (external link)

What's that? - (external link)

Third supernova; - (external link)

Fourth and fifth supernovae; - (external link)

David Lane:

A web page on SN1995F in NGC 2726 - (external link to St. Mary's University)

Stefano Pesci:

The discovery of SN1995al in NGC 3021 - text and images.

The discovery of SN1996bk in NGC 5308 - text and images.

How many observations does it take to make two discoveries? Check out some statistics from Stefano Pesci and Piero Mazza observing logbook !

Bill Wren:

This is how US amateur and supernova discoverer Bill Wren hunts for supernovae at McDonald Observatory. Check out his unsual telescope! - (external link to his web page).

Alessandro Gabrijelcic:

How I missed SN1995Y in NGC 410 - text Italian only.

A.Vagnozzi, G.Piermarini e V.Russo:

The discovery of SN1996ae in NGC 5775 - text and images..

Claudio Bottari:

The discovery of SN1996ai in NGC 5005 - text and images..