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Galaxies' Charts and Images


From this page you can down-load galaxy charts useful for visual supernova search

The following image shows an example of these charts.

This chart shows nearby galaxy NGC 2805. It can be used in visual hunting of supernovae with 8 to 20 inches telescopes. These charts were drawn by Italian amateur Stefano Pesci for his program of SN search, from Palomar Survey plates. Stars as faint as mag. 18-19 are shown inside or close to the galaxy outter boundary. Only brightest stars are indicated outside the galaxy. Use of these charts to compare CCD images is not recommended. Further information on these charts is available here.

Steve Lucas suggests for Thompson-Bryan charts set owners an inexpensive light box that he has used for many years. This might help visual observers keep their dark-eye adaptation.

                           A chart list (and the charts themselves currently available) are at


Should you spot a suspect star, take a look at Palomar plates at Digitized Sky Survey.

More detailed reference sources can be obtained by accessing Skyview.

If you search with a CCD we suggest you use William Neely's CCD images, made with a 45cm automated telescope. These images are currently used as a reference by Texas hunter Bill Wren. This is an external link.

Antonio Cidadao, supernova hunter from Portugal, has an excellent galaxies atlas on line, made with a 25cm telescope. Please read this. first. This is an external link to an ftp.

Another excellent CCD atlas is made by Pedro Re', supernova hunter from Portugal. This is an external link to an ftp.

CCD Atlas is a compilation of CCD images of deep sky objects (galaxies, nebulae and clusters). It includes well-known objects (the whole Messier catalogue) as well as less known objects (e.g. NGC and IC catalogues). All images were obtained with a HiSIS22 CCD camera equipped with a KAF-0400L chip (768x512 pixels, 9x9 microns, 6.9x4.6mm2, 14bits, with anti-blooming). Two different telescopes were used: (i) Celestron 14 (C14) and (ii) Meade2045 (Meade4) housed in a roll-off-roof observatory in Central Portugal. Total integration times varied from 1min (open and globular clusters) to 5/20min (nebulae and galaxies). With few exceptions, images were obtained using 2x2 binning (384x256 pixels).

This CCD atlas is made by Yasuhide Fujita , supernova hunter from Japan. There are galaxy CCD images for supernovae hunters. He has been taking them at Kuma Kogen Astronomical Observatory since 1994 with a 0.60 mt. telescope. This is an external link.

This CCD catalog is made by Enrico Prosperi , supernova hunter from Italy. It covers almost all A.R. sky (Southern hemysphere & sun conjunction excluded). This is an external link.