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Samus N.N., Kazarovets E.V., Durlevich O.V., Kireeva N.N., Pastukhova E.N.,
General Catalogue of Variable Stars: Version GCVS 5.1,
Astronomy Reports, 2017, vol. 61, No. 1, pp. 80-88 {2017ARep...61...80S}

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General Catalogue of Variable Stars new version (GCVS 5.1)
The Cross-identification tables

Samus N.N., Durlevich O.V., Kazarovets E V., Kireeva N.N., Pastukhova E.N.


The cross-identification tables of the General Catalogue of Variable Stars (GCVS) contain all GCVS (including variables from the Catalogue of Extragalactic Variable stars), NSV (New Catalogue of Suspected Variable stars) and Supplement to the NSV stars as well as stars from the name-lists of variable stars nos. 67 - 83; it also makes it possible to find out identifications between the GCVS and the NSV catalogue.

We tried to provide as complete lists as possible for the stars identified with the catalogues HD, BD, CoD, CPD, BS, ADS, Hip, GSC and for the stars with preliminary HV (Harvard Variable) designations. As for the other catalogues, our task here was more difficult since we had to rely upon references to source catalogue names made by variable star researchers; the tables in the present volume reproduce the materials used in our work, and incompleteness seems to be inavoidable.

The table with the catalogues and lists arranged in the alphabet order of the abbreviated names of source catalogs and lists.

File Summary:
 FileName    Lrecl       Explanations
crossid.txt     52         The Cross-Identifications of Variable Stars
Byte-by-byte Description of file: crossid.dat
   Bytes Format Units   Label     Explanations
   1-  4  A4    ---     Cat      *Abbreviated name of catalog or list
   6- 31  A26   ---     Seq       Star number or name in the respective catalog
  32- 35  A4    ---   m_Seq      *Component designation
  37- 47  A12   ---     Variable  Designation in GCVS or NSV or in Catalogue of Extragalactic Variable stars
      49  A1    ---   m_Variable *Component designation
      51  A1    ---     IDflag    [:] Flag for doubtful identifications

Note on Cat: the following catalog abbreviations are used:

ADS = R.G.Aitken, New General Catalouge of Double Stars, Carnegie Inst. of Washington, Publ. no. 417, vols. I, II, 1932

ALS = Catalog of galactic OB stars, B. C. Reed, Astron. J., 125, 2531-2533, 2003; CDS V/125

AN = Preliminary designations of variable stars introduced by the "Astronomische Nachrichten"

AS = P.W. Merrill, C.G. Burwell, Additional Stars whose Spectra have a Bright H Alpha Line, Astrophys. J. 112, 72, 1950 {1950ApJ...112...72M}; see also Astrophys. J. 113, 624, 1951 {1951ApJ...113..624M}

BAY = Bayer, list of bright stars having designations by Greek letters in their constellations

BAY2 = Bayer, list of bright stars having designations by Latin letters in their constellations

BD = Bonner Durchmusterung, F.W.A. Argelander, Bonner Sternverzeichniss, 1 bis 4 Sektion, Astronomische Beobachtungen auf der Sternwarte de Kgl. Rhein/Friedrich-Wilhelms-Unviersitaet zu Bonn; CDS I/119 (suedlich), I/122 (nordisch)

BPM = W.J. Luyten, Bruce proper motion survey. The general catalogue (vols. I, II), 1963 {1963BPM...C......0L}

BS/HR = D. Hoffleit, The Bright Star Catalogue, 4th Revised Ed., Yale University Observatory, New Haven, Conn. USA, 1982 (CDS V/50); D. Hoffleit, The Bright Star Catalogue, 3rd Revised Ed., 1964 (CDS V/36); D. Hoffleit, M. Saladyga, P. Wlasuk, A Supplement to the Bright Star Catalogue, 1983 (CDS V/36B)

BV = Bamberg observatory variable stars

CCS (CGCS) = C.B. Stephenson, A general catalogue of cool carbon stars, Publ. Warner & Swasey Obs., 1, part no. 4, 1-79, 1973; C.B. Stephenson, A general catalogue of cool carbon stars, second edition, Publ. Warner & Swasey Obs., 3, 53-214, 1989; CDS III/156 A. Alksnis, A. Balklavs, U. Dzervitis, I. Eglitis, O. Paupers, I. Pundure, General catalog of galactic carbon stars by C.B. Stephenson. Third edition, Baltic Astronomy, 10, 1-318, 2001; CDS III/227

Cl, Cl* = Lists of variables in Galaxy open (Cl) or globular (Cl*) clusters

CoD = Cordoba Durchmusterung, J. M. Thome, Resultados del Observatorio Nacional Argentino 16 - 18; 21, 1892 - 1932; CDS I/114

CPD = Cape Photographic Durchmusterung, D. GIll and J. C. Kapteyn, Ann. Cape Obs. 3-5, 1895 - 1900; CDS I/108

CRL (AFGL, RAFGL) = Air Force Geophysics Laboratory. Four-Color Infrared Sky Survey (and supplement): S.D. Price and R.G. Walker - AFGL-TR-76-028 (Hanscom AFB, MA) Air Force Geophysics Lab., Air Force Systems Command, USAF, 1976; S.D. Price and T.L. Murdock - Air Force Geophysics Laboratory, AFGL-TR-83-0161; CDS II/94, II/95

CSS (CGSS) = C.B. Stephenson, A general catalogue of S Stars, Publ. Warner & Swasey Obs., 2, part no. 2, 1976; C.B. Stephenson, A general catalogue of S Stars, second edition, Publ. Warner & Swasey Obs., 3, 1-49, 1984; CDS III/168

CSV = Kukarkin, B. V., Parenago, P. P., Efremov, Yu. N., and Kholopov, P. N., "Catalogue of Stars Suspected of Variability", 1951 and Kukarkin, B. V., Kholopov, P. N., Efremov, Yu. N., and Kurochkin, N. E., "Second Catalogue of Stars Suspected of Variability", 1965 (Moscow: Publishing House of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R.)

EG = O.J. Eggen, J.L. Greenstein, Spectra, Colors, Luminosities, and Motions of the White Dwarfs, Astrophys. J. 141, 83, 1965 {1965ApJ...141...83E}; additional stars in Astrophys. J. 142, 925, 1965 {1965ApJ...142..925E} and 150, 927, 1967 {1967ApJ...150..927E}; more stars added by J.L. Greenstein, see references in McCook and Sion, Astrophys. J. Suppl. 65, 603, 1987 {1987ApJS...65..603M}

FLM = Flamsteed, List of bright stars having designations by number in their constellations

G = H.L. Giclas, R. Burnham Jr., and N.G. Thomas, (Large Proper Motion Stars) - Publications of Lowell Obs., Flagstaff, Arizona, 1971; CDS I/316

GD = H.L. Giclas White Dwarfs (Lowell Obs.); CDS I/316

Gl = W. Gliese, Catalogue of Nearby Stars, Veroeff. Astron. Rechen-Inst. Heidelberg nr. 22, 1969; W. Gliese, H. Jahreiss, Nearby star data published 1969 - 1978, Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. 38, 423, 1979 (1979A&AS...38..423G); CDS V/35, V/70

GR = Preliminary designations of variables discovered by G. Romano

GSC = The Guide Star Catalog (B. M. Lasker, C. R. Sturch, B. J. McLean, et al., Astron. J. 99, 2019, 1990); CDS I/220, I/254, I/255

HBV = Hamburg-Bergedorf observatory variable stars

HD = Henry Draper Catalogue - A.J. Cannon and E.C. Pickering, Havard Obs. Ann. 91 - 99, 1918 - 1924; A. J. Cannon, Harvard Obs. Ann. 100, 1925 - 1936; CDS III/135 The Henry Draper Extension Charts: A catalogue of accurate positions, proper motions, magnitudes and spectral types of 86933 stars - V.V. Nesterov, A.V. Kuzmin, N.T. Ashimbaeva, A.A. Volchkov, S. Roeser, U. Bastian, Astron. Astrophys., Suppl. Ser. 110, 367-370, 1995; CDS III/187

He = A number of lists of planetary nebulae and emission-line stars by K. Henize

Hip = The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues, ESA (European Space Agency) SP-1200, 1997; CDS I/239, I/259, I/311

HII = E. Hertzsprung, Catalogue de 3259 Etoiles dans les Pleiades, Ann. Sterrewacht Leiden, 19, pt. 1A, 1947; CDS I/90

HRC/HBC = G.H. Herbig, N.K. Rao, Second Catalog of Emission-line Stars of the Orion Population, Astrophys. J. 174, 401, 1972 {1972ApJ...174..401H}; G.H. Herbig, K.R. Bell, Third Catalog of Emission-Line Stars of the Orion Population, Lick Obs. Bull. no. 1111, 1988; CDS V/73

HV = Harvard observatory variables

IDS = H.M. Jeffers, W.H. van den Bos, F.M. Greeby, Index catalogue of visual double stars, 1961.0, Publ. Lick Obs. 21, parts 1 and 2, 1963 (catalog)

Innes = Preliminary designations of variables discovered by R.T.A. Innes

IRAS = G. Neugebauer, R.J. van Duinen, H.J. Habing et al., Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) Point Source Catalog, NASA RP-1190, 1988; CDS II/125

IRC = G. Neugebauer, R.B. Leighton, Two-Micron Sky Survey, A Preliminary Catalog, NASA SP-3047, 1969; CDS II/2B

L, LFT, LP = Old lists of high proper-motion stars: W.J. Luyten, New stars with proper motion exceeding 0".5 annually, Publ. Astron. Obs. Univ. Minnesota 2, 242, 1942; Luyten's Five Tenths, 1955 (Note: continued by LHS); The Luyten-Palomar Survey, published from 1963 to 1981 in Univ. Minnesota, Minneapolis, fascicules 1 to 57

LB = Luyten faint blue stars. Note: Various lists published by Luyten under the general title: A Search for Faint Blue Stars. I to L (50 papers). Lists are for different regions. Firsts lists are in Astron. J. Vols. 58, 59, 61 (1953 to 1956) then in monographies: The Observatory, Univ. Minnesota, Minneapolis

LkHa (LHa, LH) = Lick H-Alpha: A number of lists of emission-line stars by G.H. Herbig

LHS = W.J. Luyten, A catalogue of stars with proper motion > 0''.5 annually, 1976. Note: 1st edition in 1976, 2nd in 1979; CDS I/87, Atlas of Identif. chart for LHS stars in 1979, all publications of Univ. Minnesota, Minneapolis G.A. Bakos, K.C. Sahu, P. Nemeth, Revised coordinates and proper motions of the stars in the Luyten half-second catalog, Astrophys. J., Suppl. Ser., 141, 187-193, 2002; CDS I/279

LS = Luminous stars in the Northern hemisphere. The roman numeral (LSI), (LSII), (LSIII), (LSIV), (LSV), (LSVI) in the format stands for the volume (I to VI) of the references: J. Hardorp and 7 more different authors, Luminous stars in the Northern Milky Way, Hamburger Sternw., Warner & Swasey Obs. 1, 1959; 2, 1960; 3, 1964; 4, 1963; 5, 1965; 6, 1965

LSS = C.B. Stephenson , N. Sanduleak, Luminous stars in the Southern Milky Way, Publ. Warner & Swasey Obs., 1, part 1, 1, 1971; CDS III/43

LTT = W.J. Luyten, A catalogue of 9867 stars in the Southern Hemisphere with proper motions exceeding 0".2 annually, 1957; A catalogue of 7127 stars in the Northern Hemisphere, 1961; First supplement to the LTT catalogues, The Observatory, Univ. Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1962. The stars of the LTT catalogues and their supplement are all included in the new LTT (NLTT) catalogue (T.D. Oswalt, P.M. Hintzen, W.J. Luyten, Astrophys. J., Suppl. Ser. 66, 391-396, 1988); CDS I/98A

MHa (MH) = Mount Wilson H-Alpha Stars, see references for MWC and AS

MWC = P.W. Merrill, C.G. Burwell, Catalogue and Bibliography of Stars of Classes B and A Whose Spectra have Bright Hydrogen Lines, Astrophys. J. 78, 87, 1933 {1933ApJ....78...87M} (Mount Wilson Catalogue); Supplements: Astrophys. J. 98, 153, 1943 {1943ApJ....98..153M}; 110, 387, 1949 {1949ApJ...110..387M}

NGC = J.L.E. Dreyer, A New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars, being the Catalogue of the late Sir John F.W. Herschel, Bart., revised, corrected, and enlarged, Mem. R. Astron. Soc. 49, 1-237, 1888; CDS VII/118

OH = OH sources designated by their galactic coordinates

Par = A List of Stars in the Region of the Orion Nebula (P.P. Parenago, Sternberg Inst. Publ. Vol. 25, 1954; catalog)

PG = R.F. Green, M. Schmidt, J. Liebert, Palomar-Green catalog of ultraviolet-excess stellar objects, Astrophys. J., Suppl. Ser. 61, 305-352, 1986

PHL = G. Haro, W.J. Luyten, Faint blue stars in the region near the South Galactic Pole, Bol. Obs. Tonantz. Tacub. 3, 37-117, 1962; CDS III/74. Nature of the PHL objects and Identif. charts in {1987RMxAA..15..107H}, {1988RMxAA..16..123C}, {1990RMxAA..20...47C}, {1992RMxAA..24..139C}

PK = L. Perek, L. Kohoutek, Catalogue of galactic planetary nebulae, Acad. Publ. House of the Czech. Acad. Sci., 1-276, 1967; CDS IV/24. L. Kohoutek, D. Kuhl, Catalogue of galactic planetary nebulae (Updates Version 2000), Hamburger Sternwarte Abh. 12, parts 1 and 2, 2001; CDS J/AN/323/484

Prag = R. Prager, Katalog von 2428 als veraenderlich angezeigten Sternen, Ergaenz. Astron. Nachr. 9, Nr. 3, 1934; R. Prager, Katalog von 3401 als veraenderlich angezeigten Sternen, Ergaenz. Astron. Nachr. 10, Nr. 1, 1937

Ross = Preliminary designations of variables discovered by F. Ross

1RXS = W. Voges, B. Aschenbach, T. Boller et al., The ROSAT All-Sky Survey Bright Source Catalogue, Astron. Astrophys. 349, 389-405, 1999; CDS IX/10

S = Preliminary designations of variables discovered at Sonneberg observatory

SAO = Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog, parts I-IV, Smithsonian Inst. Washington, 1966; CDS I/131

SVS = Soviet Variable Stars (preliminary designations of Soviet-discovered variables)

VV = Vatican variable stars

WD = G.P. Mc Cook, E.M. Sion, Catalog of Spectroscopically Identified White Dwarfs, Astrophys. J., Suppl. Ser. 65, 603, 1987 {1987ApJS...65..603M}; CDS III/129, Astrophys. J., Suppl. Ser. 121, 1-130, 1999 {1999ApJS..121....1M}; CDS III/235B, B/wd

WDS = C.E. Worley, G.G. Douglass, The Washington Double Star Catalog (WDS, 1996.0), Astron. Astrophys., Suppl. Ser. 125, 523, 1997; CDS I/107, I/237, B/wds

WR = K.A. van der Hucht et al., The Sixth Catalogue of Galactic Wolf-Rayet Stars, Their Past and Present, Space Sci. Rev. 28, 227-306, 1981; CDS III/215

Wr = Preliminary designations of variables discovered by R. Weber

Zinn = E. Zinner, Verzeichnis von 2191 verdaechtigen Sternen, Ergaenz. Astron. Nachr. 8, Nr. 1, 1929

Note on m_Seq, m_Variable:

Designations of components of double/multiple stars: A,B,C ...; a,b,c ...; 1,2,3 ...; the symbols P = preceding, F = following, N = northern, S = southern may also appear. In the cases of ADS 03201 and ADS 03202 the symbols k1 and k2 mean kappa 1 and kappa 2, respectively.