Graphic Smits, Jacob (Dutch, 1856-1928)

Graphic Evening Landscape, between 1901-14, oil on canvas, Het Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp. 81KB

Graphic Sodoma (Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, Italian, 1477-1549)

Graphic St. Benedict & his Monks Eating in the Refectory, fresco, Abbey of Monteoliveto Maggiore, Siena. 147KB

Graphic St. George and the Dragon, approx. 1518, wood, The National Gallery of Art at Washington D.C. 143KB

Graphic Solario (Italian, 1460-1524)

Graphic Man with a Pink Carnation, National Gallery at London. 151KB

graphic Solimena, Francesco (Italian, 1657-1747)

Graphic Judith with the Head of Holofernes, canvas, Art History Museum, Vienna. 119KB

graphic Soyer, Isaac (Russian, Practiced in America, 1902-1981)

Graphic The Laundress, 1935, oil on canvas, Private collection. 86KB

graphic Soyer, Raphael (Russian, practiced in America, 1899-1987)

Graphic Subway Platform, 1946, oil on canvas, private collection. 103KB

graphic Spranger, Bartholomeus (Flemish, 1546-1611)

Graphic Venus & Adonis, oil on canvas, Art History Museum, Vienna. 73KB

Graphic Vulcan & Maia, 1590, Art History Museum, Vienna. 90KB

Graphic St. Bartholomew Altarpiece, Master of the (Dutch, active approx. 1470-1510)

Graphic St. Agnes, Pinakothek at Munich. 126KB

Graphic The Baptism of Christ, 1500, wood, The National Gallery of Art at Washington D.C. 132KB

Graphic St. Gilles, Master of (Flemish, active 1550)

Graphic The Baptism of Clovis, 1500, wood, The National Gallery of Art at Washington D.C. 154KB

Graphic St. Veronica Master (German, active 1400-1420)

Graphic St. Veronica with the Holy Kerchief, 1400, pine panel, Pinakothek at Munich. 140KB

graphic Stanhope, Spencer (English, 1829-1908)

Graphic Psyche & Charon, detail. 130KB

graphic Stanlaws, Penrhyn (American, 1877-1957)

Graphic Between Poses, 1915, oil on canvas. 85KB

graphic Steele, Theodore Clement (American, 1847-1926)

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