Graphic Steen, Jan (Dutch, approx. 1626-1679)

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graphic Steichen, Edward J. (American, 1879-1973)

Graphic In Exaltation of Flowers: Petunia, Caladium, Budleya, 1910-13, tempera and gold leaf on canvas, Museum of Moden Art, New York. 132KB

graphic Stella, Jacques de (French, 1596-1657)

Graphic Christ Served by the Angels, undated, oil on canvas, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence. 94KB

graphic Stella, Joseph (American, 1877-1941)

Graphic Old Brooklyn Bridge, 1941, oil on canvas, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 102KB

Graphic Stevens, Alfred (Flemish, 1823-1906)

Graphic The Bath, 1867, oil on canvas, Musée d'Orsay at Paris. 107KB

Graphic The Desperate Woman, oil on panel, Musée Royal des Beaux-Arts at Antwerp. 83KB

graphic Stock, Joseph Whiting (American, 1815-1855)

Graphic Portrait of a Boy with a Dog. 118KB

graphic Storrs, Frances Hudson (American, 1860-1945)

Graphic Dahlias, 1932, oil on board, Sellars Collection. 150KB

graphic Story, George H. (American, 1835-1923)

Graphic Brittany Mending the Nets, oil on canvas. 87KB

graphic Straet, Jan van der (Flemish, 1523-1605)

Graphic Distillation, engraving, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 122KB

Graphic Gunpowder, engraving, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 120KB

Graphic Strigel, Bernhard (German, 1460-1528)

Graphic The Annunciation to St. Anne & St. Joachim. 112KB

Graphic Conrad Rehlinger's Children, 1517, pine panel, Pinakothek at Munich. 123KB

graphic Strother, David Hunter (American, 1816-1888)

Graphic Elizabeth Hunter Strother, 1837, private collection. 65KB

Graphic Andrew Lee, 1874, pen and ink wash on paper, West Virginia University Library. 79KB

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