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Graphic A Woman in a Beret, 1948, oil on canvas. 97KB

Graphic Rest, 1948, oil on canvas. 108KB

Graphic Images, 1948, oil on canvas. 84KB

Graphic A Man with a Violin, 1948, oil on canvas. 99KB

Graphic Woman in a Chair, 1949, oil on canvas. 92KB

Graphic Portrait of Nemo, 1951, oil on canvas. 84KB

Graphic Portrait of Mr. K, 1952, oil on canvas. 104KB

Graphic Three Nude Women, 1956, oil on canvas. 103KB

Graphic The Road, 1960, oil on canvas. 100KB

Graphic Royal Palace, 1963. 81KB

Graphic An Arbor, 1965. 117KB

Graphic Landscape with Palace, 1967. 129KB

Graphic Road in Autumn, 1968. 160KB

Graphic An Arbor, 1970. 126KB

Graphic An Arbor in Autumn, 1970. 161KB

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