Byun Shi Ji- Page 2

Graphic A Castle, 1970. 119KB

Graphic Landscape of Soguipo, 1972. 96KB

Graphic Palace, 1972. 139KB

Graphic Pan-do Pond, 1974. 153KB

Graphic Sunset, 1977, oil on canvas. 103KB

Graphic Moon and Image, 1978, oil on canvas. 128KB

Graphic My Daughter, 1979, oil on canvas. 132KB

Graphic San Marcos, 1981. 137KB

Graphic Paris, 1981. 164KB

Graphic Paris, Seine, 1981, oil on canvas. 133KB

Graphic Vatican, 1981, oil on canvas. 163KB

Graphic The Colosseum, 1981, oil on canvas. 158KB

Graphic Girl and Horse, 1982, oil on canvas. 125KB

Graphic Hope, 1984, oil on canvas. 146KB

Graphic Untitled, oil on canvas. 149KB

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