Rock'n'roll in the Internet

Olga Rodicheva and Vladimir Ermakov are present...

Hello! We are glad to meet You here ! What do You think about some relaxation? It's good ? So, let's go! We are glad to present some music related stuffs specialy for You!

Here you can found links to Web Home Pages of our favorite rock'n'roll groups and musicians.

You can found below some images, video clips and tunes stored in different graphics and sound formats. If you don't know how use this data for your enjoyment, click here!

Click here for viewing some net references to my favorite music related sites.

Here you can found lyrics, images and other info about my (and your, i hope :) favorite musicians.

Eric Clapton collection


Roling Stones

Deep Purple

Led Zeppelin

Jimi Hendrix

Gary Moore

Joe Satriani

Dire Straits

Pink Floyd

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