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This list contains tracks that are not available on the "regular" Pink Floyd albums, including singles, works for film soundtracks, unreleased studio recordings, and live recordings of tracks unavailable elsewhere. Tracks are included on the list even if they are on one or more of the Floyd's compilation albums, or on movie soundtrack albums that only partially feature Pink Floyd, as long as the track doesn't appear on other Floyd albums.

Release dates (if known) are listed with each track. Recording dates (if known) are listed in parentheses. M indicates that the track is on MASTERS OF ROCK, R indicates RELICS, and W indicates WORKS.

Arnold Layne
(27 Feb, 1967) Single, 11 March, 1967. MRW
Candy And A Current Bun
(27 Feb, 1967) B-side of "Arnold Layne." M
See Emily Play
(23 Feb, 1967) Single, 16 June, 1967. MRW
Scream Thy Last Scream
(1967) Unreleased studio track.
Vegetable Man
(1967) Unreleased studio track.
One In A Million
(1967) Unreleased track, one live version extant.
Reaction In G
(1967) Unreleased track, only live versions extant.
Silas Lang
(1967) Unreleased studio track.
Apples And Oranges
Single, 18 Nov, 1967. M
(2 Nov, 1967) B-side of "Apples And Oranges." MR
It Would Be So Nice
Single, 12 April, 1968. M
Julia Dream
(13 Feb, 1968) B-side of "It Would Be So Nice." MR
The Committee
(May 1968) Approximately 15 minute segment from the soundtrack of the film THE COMMITTEE, which was premiered for the press, but never released. No soundtrack album was ever released.
Keep Smiling People
(live, 1 Sept, 1968) No studio recording extant.
Point Me At The Sky
Single, 17 Dec, 1968. Available on a Harvest sampler album from the early '70s.
Careful With That Axe, Eugene
(14 Nov, 1968) A 5:40 version was on the B-side of the "Point Me At The Sky" single and appeared on the US pressings of RELICS. A 6:45 version appears on all other pressings of RELICS (though they're mislabeled as being 7:45).
Interstellar Overdrive
A new version, slightly over three minutes long, was recorded for the film TONITE LET'S ALL MAKE LOVE IN LONDON. Soundtrack album released 1968.
Baby Blue Shuffle In D Major
(live, 14 Jan, 1968) No studio recording extant.
Biding My Time
(9 July, 1969) Available only on RELICS.
Oenone (pronounced ee-NOHN-ee)
(late 1969) Unused track from the ZABRISKIE POINT sessions.
Fingal's Cave
(late 1969) Unused track from the ZABRISKIE POINT sessions.
Rain In The Country
(late 1969) Unused track from the ZABRISKIE POINT sessions.
Heart Beat, Pig Meat
(late 1969) ZABRISKIE POINT film soundtrack album, Jan 1970.
The Crumbling Land
(late 1969) ZABRISKIE POINT film soundtrack album, Jan 1970.
Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up
(late 1969) ZABRISKIE POINT film soundtrack album, Jan 1970. This track is a completely new recording of "Careful With That Axe Eugene."
The Embryo
An unfinished studio demo tape that was inadvertently included on the Harvest sampler album PICNIC, June, 1970. It was also later released on WORKS (1983). Many live recordings of this piece, available on bootlegs, run about 10 minutes long, and represent a much more "finished" version than the released studio track.
Pink Blues
A blues improvisation piece that the Floyd often played live in 1971-72.
The Violent Sequence
(live, 11 Feb, 1970) An instrumental piece about 20 minutes long that included elements of "Heart Beat, Pig Meat" and what was later to become "Us & Them," along with other things. A segment of this piece was later played live under the name "The Libest Spacement Monitor" or "Corrosion."
Pompeii (Main Title)
(1972) A primitive version of "Speak To Me" from the film PINK FLOYD LIVE AT POMPEII. No soundtrack album was released.
On The Run
(1972) From the film PINK FLOYD LIVE AT POMPEII. Two brief film segments, from the studio, one of an early version of the synthesizer sequence for the piece, and one that is very similar to the final one. No soundtrack album was ever released.
Brain Damage
(1972) From the film PINK FLOYD LIVE AT POMPEII. A film segment, from the studio, showing David Gilmour laying down a guitar line that was not used in the final mix. No soundtrack album was ever released.
Mademoiselle Knobs
(live, 1972) From the film PINK FLOYD LIVE AT POMPEII. An instrumental version of "Seamus," featuring Seamus himself.
three unidentified tracks
In 1974, the Floyd went into the studio to record a follow-up album to THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON and hit on the idea of using only found objects and home-made musical instruments. Three tracks were completed before the project was abandoned. None of these tracks have ever been released or have turned up on bootlegs.
(1981) Rerecorded for the compilation album A COLLECTION OF GREAT DANCE SONGS.
What Shall We Do Now?
(1979) Originally, side two of THE WALL album was to run:
  1. Goodbye Blue Sky
  2. What Shall We Do Now?
  3. Young Lust
  4. One Of My Turns
  5. Don't Leave Me Now
  6. Empty Spaces
  7. Another Brick In The Wall, Part 3
  8. Goodbye Cruel World
The lyrics on the inner sleeve retain this order. "Empty Spaces" was originally intended to be a reprise of the longer "What Shall We Do Now?," but when the album was mastered, side two turned out to be too long, so "What Shall We Do Now?" was removed and "Empty Spaces" was moved up. "What Shall We Do Now?" was reinstated in the film version of THE WALL, replacing "Empty Spaces."
When The Tigers Broke Free
single, 1982 -- From THE WALL film soundtrack.
THE WALL film soundtrack
(1982) The film soundtrack features the two previously unreleased tracks, mentioned above, as well as remixed and even completely rerecorded versions of tracks from THE WALL album: All the other tracks used in the film were remixed in some way, most of the changes being in the sound effects and voices in the background. "Hey You" and "The Show Must Go On" were not used at all in the film.

Syd Barrett non-LP material

What A Shame, Mary Jane
(1967) An unreleased Beatles track featuring Syd. Recorded at Abbey Road when both the Beatles and Pink Floyd were recording albums there (SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND and THE PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN, respectively).
Swan Lee
(1968) Unreleased studio track.
(1968) Unreleased studio track.
Word Song
(1969) Unreleased studio track.
Birdy Hop
(1969) Unreleased studio track.
Milky Way
(1970) Unreleased studio track.
Two of A Kind
(live, 24 Feb, 1970) Recorded for The John Peel Show on BBC Radio 1. First broadcast 14 March, 1970. Available on THE PEEL SESSIONS ep. No studio recording extant.
Instrumental 2
Unreleased studio track.
Singing A Song In The Morning -
released studio track with Kevin Ayers.

Roger Waters non-LP material

WHEN THE WIND BLOWS: Original Film Soundtrack (1987) ("Roger Waters And The Bleeding Hearts Band" on side two)
  1. The Russian Missle
  2. Towers of Faith
  3. Hilda's Dream
  4. The American Bomber
  5. The Anderson Shelter
  6. The British Submarine
  7. The Attack
  8. The Fallout
  9. Hilda's Hair
  10. Folded Flags

Richard Wright non-LP material

Eyes of A Gypsy
B-side of "Confusion" single by Zee (RW with Dave Harris of Fashion)