Tsearch V2 - full text extension for PostgreSQL

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Tsearch2 (OLD)

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  • pgweb cfg - example tsearch2 configuration for search.postgresql.org
  • tsearchd - full text search daemon for PostgreSQL (not supported !)(download)
  • tsearch2slides - "Gentle introduction to tsearch2" (for 10-th PostgreSQL Anniversary Summit,Toronto, 2006), Abridged version (PDF)

Tsearch2 8.2dev

Tsearch2WhatsNew - new features in 8.2 release

UTF-8 support

UTF-8 is fully supported! (tested with russian,greek)

Key points (greek language):
Don't forget to initdb with right utf8 locale !
initdb -D /usr/local/pgsql-dev/data.el_utf8 --locale=el_GR.utf8
Convert ispell dict, affix file and stop words to utf-8
iconv -f iso-8859-7 -t utf-8 ......
Set correct client encoding to test:
set client_encoding='ISO-8859-7';

  • DONE! tsearch2UTF8Test - current problems. Seems, we passed all tests.
  • DONE! ispell interface supports utf8 !
  • DONE! snowball stemmer doesn't yet supported :)
    (download stem_UTF_8_LANG.{c,h} from libstemmer and use Gendict to produce UTF-8 snowball stemmer)

New ranking function

Misc. functions