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sncat research list

Supernovae catalogue research list

The main purpose of our catalogue is not just maintaining a list of supernovae, but research on supernovae statistics. That's why we thoroughly collect (and verify) information about supernovae and their host galaxies. Ideally, one should be able to obtain all statistics in fully automatically way. We plan to develope webservices around supernovae catalogue to provide various interfaces to access data (interactive via web-forms and programmatically). Other words, we want SN catalogue to be VO (Virtual Observatory) ready. So, we have several directions:

  • technological - provide VO-compliant interfaces to catalogue (raw data and current statistics)
  • informational - gather and verify information
  • organizational - develop new structure of the catalogue. Read sncat proposal.


There is a growing interest to supernovae in regard to possible connection with GRB (our papers), determination of cosmological constants (The Supernova Legacy Survey).

  • Radial distribution of SN in their host galaxies - could be used to test SNe connection with GRB, detecting of outlier supernovae. It's interesting to compare radial distibutions for low and high-z supernovae.
  • SN distributions of different types in galaxies
  • SN frequency