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< *CAS* stands for ''Catalogs Access Server'' (after http://casjobs.sdss.org/CasJobs/). It doesn't relates to
< VO specification, but could be used to build VO access to
< catalogs.
< Requirements to CAS metadata:
< * ability to access any catalog.table.column
< * ability to design widgets - short name, detailed information,
< contacts,etc.
< We need following tables and columns inside them
< (CAS objects mapped to relations):

This notes were born during the discussion in SAI on Jan 2, 2006.

Notes to CAS server DB design


  • int ucd_id
  • varchar ucd_name
  • ucd_properties


  • int index_id
  • index_properties


  • int catalog_id
  • varchar catalog_name
  • catalog_properties


  • int table_id
  • int catalog_id
  • table_properties
  • int ra2000_attribute
  • int dec2000_attribute


  • int attribute_id
  • int table_id
  • attribute_properties


  • int index_list_id
  • int index_id
  • int attribute_id


  • Bolded are table names
  • List items are columns
  • "*properties" columns designates all other unspecified columns, mostly used for designing widgets, i.e., contact information, short label, long description, version, date of last changes, etc.
  • All catalogs should live in different database schemes !
  • CAS tables should live in separate cas metadata scheme (with special access roles !)


Let us discuss all DB design issues here or at least post here most important decisions.

  • We decided to check if it is possible to make use of graphviz for DB design vizualization. IZ will try to check it out.