List of pictures for SN 1987a

Warning: Please, consider this is as WIP (Work in Progress). This is a set of raw pictures !!! Please, don't use'm !
Authors have a full responsibility for their results but not you might think for

We used presupernova model ut87a by Viktor Utrobin ( "Hydrodynamic study of supernova 1987 A: near the peak luminosity" Astronomy and Astrophysics, March 1993, vol.270, (no.1-2):249-58. ) and sn87am by Stan Woosley (private communication) and observations by Catchpole 1987

All models (look at full list of runs) were calculated using SUN Ultra1/143 at Uppsala (U), DEC Alpha 500/333 (A) and various HP 7XX (H) at Stockholm Observatory
We used F (flux) for erg s^-1 sm^-2 \\A^-1 and L for luminosity

Oleg Bartunov and Sergey Blinnikov @ Stockholm Observatory, april-may, 1996