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April 30

Gtk Color Selector Patch
Quartic has made a patch that fixes a nasty color selector bug. You'll want to apply it :).

GDK Patch
Kaz has made a patch for gdk that reduces the high volume of compiler complaints about mismatched format strings. In his words: "There are still many more ... but I do not have time now to fix them."

Convert Patch
Adam D. Moss has once again tweaked the RGB(A) to Indexed conversion to allow some more flexibility. Grab his new patch for convert.c.

April 29

XPM Patch
Jens Tingliff has kindly updated his XPM patch that allows transparency for use with 0.99.9.


April 25

Holes Patch
There's a patch for the Holes plugin that upgrades it from the alpha version that comes with the distribution to a more functional plug-in.

April 23

More SIGSEGV Fixes From Kaz
Kaz has sent through a new patch for gtkentry.c that should fix some segfault problems.

Two From Adam
Adam has made a couple neat patches.

April 22

"Embarrassing" Memory Leak Patched
Peter just sent in a patch for a memory leak first pointed out by Kaz.

April 21

Memory Leaks Patched
Kaz has made a few more memory leak patches.

Typo In Color Balance Dialog
Quartic has kindly posted a patch for the typo in the Color Balance dialog. Thanks Quartic!

April 21

Adam D. Moss Is A GIMP Patcher
Despite the unsavory sound of that headline, it's actually a good thing. Adam has made a couple mini-patches to Autocrop and Displace. The Autocrop patch allows it to operate on indexed images and the Displace patch insures that only grayscale images are used as displacement maps.

Fix For 8 Bit Visuals On Solaris
Mirslav Silovic has provided a fix for color_transfer.c that corrects a serious problem with 8-bit visuals on Solaris.

GBR 1 Loader (Read Only) Patch
Larry Ewing has created a patch for the gbr loader that allows you to read older brush files. This is a read-only ability.

April 20

Gdk Memory Leaks Patches
Kaz has sent two patches to gimp-developer, both to fix memory leaks he found in Gdk.

April 19

New Patches: 1 Plasma, 2 Gtk
Here's a few patches that have shown up on the list in the last 24 hours.

April 18

Yet Another Offset Patch
Peter has made a patch of his own to Offset against the stock 0.99.8 version. It's preferred that you use this patch rather than Adrian's below.

Offset Patch (Don't Use It Though)
Adrian has posted an update to the Offset dialog that fixes a few problems his original patch created. This patch restores some of the original functionality but keeps the improvements.

April 17

Second IfsCompose Patch Availble
Owen Taylor posted a small patch to his IfsCompose plugin.

Patches page started
This is almost more of an experiment than anything else, but I want to collect all the miscellaneous patches that get sent to the mailing list and then promptly lost (at least by me). This should help people get them quicker than sifting through the mailing list archive.

If you have a patch and want it to show up here, email it to me as well as the mailing list. For me, gimp-developer comes in rather slowly. :(

IfsCompose Patch
Quartic has given me a patch for IfsCompose that modifies the event handling for a dramatic speed increase.

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