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Welcome to the GIMP Tutorials Pointer Page! This page is to help not only to find a particular tutorial, but also to promote the creation of more tutorials as well as providing an easy index to some examples of what the GIMP can do for you.

If you have written up a tutorial, and would like it added, please send a quick piece of e-mail to me, including the URL of the tutorial, and I'll add it. If you are pressed for space on your web page, let me know and I'll consider just putting it on my machine.

Yes, I'm now using frames for this page. I think it's lot faster to find what you're looking for and now at least somewhat organized. I hate frames. I consider them to be intrusive and all around crappy. I've tried to keep the frames part limited exclusively to the information on this page. Any links that you follow off of this page should remove all the frames.

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