Start with a new RGB image, white background black foreground. Using type tool type text.

Now duplicate the image cause we will need 2 copies for calculations. (Image/Duplicate) You have images called Untitled-1 and Untiled-2 now. Switch to Untitled-1 and blur it with setting of 2. (Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur.../2.0) Now switch to Untitled-2 and blur it with setting of 4. (Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur.../4.0) Now Filter/Other/Offset... 3,3.

Now again go to Untiled-1 and rotate it 90 degree clockwise (Image/Rotate/90 CW). Now we have to make it look snowy. Go to Filter/Stylize/Wind... and use it with Wind/Right settings. Then Filter/Stylize/Diffuse... with default setting. Time to rotate it back (Image/Rotate/90 CCW).

Finally, time for calculations. Image/Calculations....
Use following settings:

And last step is to colorize it. Go to Image/Adjust/Hue/Saturation... and set Saturation to 20 and Hue to -120

© 1996 Nick Ustinov.