My plug-ins for the GIMP

Here are all the plug-ins I have written.

The number in parentheses after the name of the filter is the version number.

NOTE: Most of these plug-ins have been updated for the developers-only version of the GIMP, release 0.60. This means that they will not compile under version 0.54. Until a new official GIMP version is released, the fix is to insert these two lines at the start of gimp.h:

#define RGBA_IMAGE 4 #define GRAYA_IMAGE 5 For Texinfo documentation, look at the bottom of this page.
Add Noise (1.7)
Adds random noise to the image, giving a 'grainy' appearance (can also be used as a basis for creating textures - for an example, see this tip from Xach). The amount of noise can be set individually for each RGB channel.
You can choose between Gaussian (aka normally distributed) and uniformly distributed noise.
Autocrop (1.12)
Cuts away any borders. The border colour is defined as the colour common to at least two corners. If no two corners have the same colour, nothing is done.
You can also specify a colour tolerance, in which case the colours need only be almost the same.
Also works with indexed images.
Updated for GIMP 0.60.
Engrave (1.8)
This plug-in creates a black-and-white 'engraved' version of an image. I don't know the proper name for this technique, but you have probably seen it in old illustrations. Just try it and see for yourself.
Quartic suggests that you try this: engrave an image, blur it slightly, and use it as a bump map.
NEW: 'Limit Line Width' option.
Updated for GIMP 0.60.
Motion Blur (1.22)
This filter simulates the effect seen when photographing a moving object at a slow shutter speed.
You can choose the angle and amount of displacement.
Offers three types of blur: Linear, Radial and Zoom.
Get the Texinfo documentation below for more information.
Updated for GIMP 0.60.
Oil Paint (1.5)
Practically every image manipulation program under the sun includes this effect, so of course the GIMP has to have it too. Makes an image look somewhat like an oil painting.
Unlike most other versions, you can adjust the mask size, thus making the effect more or less pronounced.
Updated for GIMP 0.60.
Ripple (1.7)
This filter displaces each row of the image according to a sine function, producing an undulating effect. The frequency and amplitude of the sine wave can be adjusted.
You can also choose 'Triangular' and 'Random' functions. The 'Random' function works the same way as the standard Shift plug-in.
I considered adding the ability to do the same thing with the columns, but decided it wasn't worth the effort, as you can do it by rotating the image 90 degrees before applying the filter and then rotating it back afterwards.
Updated for GIMP 0.60.
Solarize (1.8)
If you expose a photographic film to light during development, you can observe the phenomenon called solarization: some areas of the picture undergoes an inversion.
This filter simulates that effect by inverting all pixels above a user-defined threshold. When this is done, the contrast of the image is degraded; the filter can compensate for this by doing an optional automatic contrast stretch.
Updated for GIMP 0.60.
Variable Blur (1.16)
The standard plug-ins include the Blur filter, which performs a convolution with a 3 x 3 mask. This filter uses a mask of variable size, allowing a more pronounced effect.
Note that if you specify an even value for the mask size, it is silently changed to the next higher odd value.
Updated for GIMP 0.60.
NEW: Version 1.15 is up to 180 times faster than previous versions.

Texinfo documentation

This documentation will be rewritten in SGML format in due time. In the meantime, you can use this:
Grab this header and the documentation for the plug-ins you need:
Add Noise - Autocrop - Motion Blur - Oil Paint - Ripple - Solarize - Variable Blur

Developer's Corner

Enter here at your own risk!

Here is where you find plug-ins that are not yet officially released. Only use them if you are looking for trouble.

Adobe Photoshop file plug-in (1.11)
At the time, loads the following file types:
RGB, RGB w/ alpha, grayscale, grayscale w/ alpha, CMYK, CMYK w/ alpha.
NOTE: CMYK conversion is not implemented.
Layers stuff etc. is not supported.

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