Short Report on my activity @ Crimean Observatory

I forgot my files when moved from SAI to Crimean Observatory. If you are still interest you may visit my home page at Sternberg Astronomical Institute.

My Face What I'm doing here !

December 10, 1995 me and Eugene Rodichev arrived to our observatory at Crimea to do:

Olga Rodicheva has prepared database of people we contacted during our work on establishing Internet link at Crimea (fall 1996). She arrived to Nauchny at Dec 24, 1995.
I shall leave Crimea at 29.12.1995 by train number 134. Evgeny Rodichev and Olga Rodicheva will continue work on DNS and MAIL. Good Luck and Happy New Year.
Note:Everything was OK, we have support from local administration of our observatory (E. Kolotilov, A. Pavlov, V. Komisarov), people from CRAO (I. Savanov, A. Sherbakov, S. Rastopchin). Special thanks to V. Lyuty for continuous support and S. Shornikov - our driver, who was very useful in our voyages.
Oleg Bartunov,