Linux from a single diskette

One-diskette Linux makes several things much more easier. The examples are file system repaire, the copy to new installed HDD over network, network testing.

The diskette keeps the kernel 2.0.33 with SMP support, file/disk utilities, NFS support, several network programs (ping, traceroute, ftp, telnet, arp) and mined as a small editor.

The kernel configuration:

Block devices:                 Network devices:
-------------                  ---------------
IDE disk/cdrom/tape/floppy     3c509/3c579
IDE/ATAPI CDROM                3c590/3c900 series
SCSI disk/cdrom/tape           SMC Ultra
SCSI controllers:              Intel EtherExpress/Pro 100B
---------------                DECchip Tulip (dc21x4x)
Adaptec AIC7xxx

Filesystems: Minix, e2fs, DOS FAT, MSDOS, VFAT, NFS, ISO9660.

Usage and recommendations:

  • Get the diskette image Rescue-2.01.tar.gz from SAI ftp server
  • Unpack and transfer it to formatted 1.4Mb floppy: dd if=Rescue-2.01 of=/dev/fd0
  • Boot from this floppy
  • Root password is hacktheworld!

    This image has been created by yard-1.13 (thanks to Tom Fawcett)

    Thanks to Oleg Bartunov for initial version of SAI Rescue diskette.

    Comments and questions to Evgeny Rodichev,
    Last updated 06.02.1998.
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