Time series of Atmospheric Turbulence

The experimental data, obtained for natural turbulence in ocean or atmosphere, are always the challenge for any new theory and data processing technique. Here you can find several time series for atmospheric turbulence and to check does your theory in agreement with nature or not.

This data was obtained by Natalya Timeh (Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Moscow) and converted to computer-readable form by Evgeny Rodichev (Institute of Mechanics, Moscow State University).

INTAS This work is a part of the project "Multifractal analysis and simulations of natural/man-made hazards" supported by INTAS (project INTAS-93-1194).

  • Experimental data gathering
  • The structure of data files
  • Time series are here
  • My personal view of the problem

  • Copyright (c) 1996 Evgeny Rodichev (see redistribution and use conditions)

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