Gated installation for Linux 2.2.x

You need Gated to support dynamic routing. My personal preference is to use static routes as long as possible. But if you feel your static configuration becomes too complex and inconvenient, Gated is a good solution.

In my network configuration there are several ethernets and dialup links, two uplinks to two separate ISPs, GRE tunnel. I use policy routing too. Here I describe the compilation and installation of Gated fo 2.2.x Linux kernels and Slackware 4.0 Linux distribution.

First, get gated-3-5-10 and patches. The primary locations are:


(as for 15 Sep 1999, check the current snapshot). Check also that you have Readline library installed. Check version of patch installed: patch -v. You must have at least
Patch version 2.1b

Put gated-3-5-10.tar.gz and gated-3.5.10-dif990307.gz into one directory. Unzip the latter file. Then do:

tar xzf gated-3-5-10.tar.gz
mkdir gated-3-5-10/misc
mkdir gated-3-5-10/src/obj
patch < gated-3.5.10-dif990307
cd gated-3-5-10/src/obj
Here it is a time to edit Config file. For my configuration I deleted "-g" flag from cflags line, and the line with "-lresolv -lcrypt". You may configure also file locations here. My locations are:
bindir  /usr/bin
sbindir /usr/sbin
mandir  /usr/man
path_config     /etc/%s.conf
in order to have usual /etc/gated.conf file. The protocols statement is
protocols       icmp ospf rip

Now return to src directory, compile and install:

cd ../
make config
make install
cd obj
install -c -s -o root -m 4755 ospf_monitor /usr/bin/ospf_monitor
cd ..
make install-man

If you need OSPF it is convenient to include the line

ospf    89      OSPFIGP # Open Shortest Path First IGP
in your /etc/protocols file.

Now your have to create /etc/gated.conf file and start Gated. That's all!

Comments and questions to Evgeny Rodichev,