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Igor Chilingarian
  • First name: Igor
  • Last name: Chilingarian
  • Date of birth: 16/May/1980
  • Place of birth: Moscow, USSR
  • Nationality: Russian / French
  • Family status: Single, never married
  • Degrees:
  • Present position: astronomer at the Telescope Data Center, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
  • Affiliations:
  • Languages: Russian (native), English (fluent, current working language), French (good), Spanish (intermediate)

  • Research Interests

    Evolution of Galaxies, Stellar Populations, 3D Spectroscopy, Virtual Observatory, Astronomical Databases, Software Engineering


  • RCSED -- Reference Catalog of Spectral Energy Distributions of 800,000 galaxies
  • GalMer -- Galaxy Mergers in the Virtual Observatory
  • K-corrections calculator
  • SkyMap Online


    A list of my publications is available here (NASA ADS).

    Recent preprints from astro-ph: The true bottleneck of modern scientific computing (proceedings of that famous talk at ADASS-XX), Dynamical vs stellar masses of UCDs in Fornax (MNRAS in press), The GalMer Database (A&A), The second cE galaxy near NGC5846 (MNRAS letters), Analytical approximations of K-corrections (MNRAS), Discovery of cE galaxies with the Virtual Observatory (Science 2009 v.326 p.1379).

    Full text of my MSc thesis (2002, in Russian, supervisor: Dr. Serguei Dodonov, SAO RAS)

    Full text of my PhD thesis (2006, in English, supervisors: Dr. Olga Sil'chenko, SAI MSU, Dr. Philippe Prugniel, CRAL Observatoire de Lyon)

    Full text of my DSc thesis (2010, in Russian, consultant: Dr. Olga Sil'chenko, SAI MSU)

    Selected posters: ADASS-XIII, ADASS-XIV.

    Presentations: ADASS-XV (3D data in VO)


    Here and here (and also here) you can find a small collection of my photos, taken in different places all over the world since 1996. They aren't structured at all, and no thumbnails is available (yet).


  • Email: address
  • Office phone: +1 617 495 7425
  • Mobile phone (RU): number
  • Mobile phone (US): number
  • ORCID: 0000-0002-7924-3253
  • LinkedIn: Igor Chilingarian
  • Skype: chil_sai
  • VK (Russian social network): id53376
    Updated: Apr/29/2020