The Catalogue of Interacting Galaxies
by Vorontsov-Velyaminov

B.A.Vorontsov-Velyaminov, R.I.Noskova, V.P.Arkhipova
Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow University
email: vera@sai.msu.su

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     Present edition unites two parts of Catalogue of interacting galaxies by B.A.Vorontsov-Velyaminov: the first part (Part 1) containing 355 systems was published in 1959 [1] and the second one (Part 2) with 497 objects - in 1976 [2].Thus two published parts of Catalogue include 852 interacting systems. Already in the end of 70s the preparation of third part was in going but it was not finished by the author.

     To regret, many errors and misprints were found at published issues. Besides, the galaxies location in Catalogues caused some difficulties to their search. As a result in 1970 the second corrected edition of the first part was appeared [3]. In the second part of Catalogue the author did not give at all the object's list in order of the coordinates.

     We have decided to join both parts of the VV-Catalogue and to add the objects intended for the third part. All new of them (1162 by number) were taken from the comments to the galaxies in Morphological catalogue by Vorontsov-Velyaminov et al.[4-8]. They took the VV- designations from VV 853 to VV 2014.

     So the present edition contains 2014 interacting galaxies classified as such in Morphological catalogue which has completness to 15 photographic magnitude and to the declination of >-45 degrees. A small number of more southern galaxies were included with earlier VV-designations. We did not try to separate the single galaxies with vast structural features from really double or multiple ones because it needs the additional observations.

     The classification of galaxies on the interaction types was the same as Vorontsov-Velyaminov has suggested. It was in detail described at the preface to the second part of VV-catalogue. For each type we have introduced the conventional designations given below:

HII-regions:  H - large inner subsystems, the galaxies with vast HII-
M51 type        - the satellite on the spiral branch of primary component:
              M - one satellite,
             MM - two satellites on the spirals,
            MMM - satellite lies on the bridge connecting the components,
Nests:        N - three or more members in a tight group,
             NN - disrupted nest,
            NNN - separated triples,
           NNNP - triples with a tight pair,
           NPNP - the pair of tight pairs,
             NP - nest with clear pair,
             Ch - chain.
Pairs:       PC - pair of coalescents,     b - bridge
             PK - pair in contact,         t - tail
             PD - distant pair.           df - disruption of the facade
Psevdo-Rings  R - a ring without a nucleus together the non-elliptic
"Comets"      K - comet-like single galaxy,
Enigmatic     En   including
             Ent - a single galaxy with a tail,
             Enf - a single with breaking of inner structure,
            Enat - not tidal phenomena.

     We have verified and supplemented the information given at published parts of catalogue by means of extragalactic data base NEDA-NASA/IPAC. There are now the numerous radial velocities of interacting galaxies as far as the information on IRAS and radio observations. But we did not include the colour information because it is not so extensive as that of Vr. Besides we have omitted the angular distances between the components were given in Part 1.

     The galaxies are arranged in order of the increasing of right ascension. In columns from 1 to 18 there are given:

1,11 columns  -   VV-designation of the galaxy. Unlike the preceeding parts
              the new galaxies (from VV853) were nominated in order of
2-3 columns - equatorial coordinates of the galaxy for the equinox 2000
              from NEDA-NASA/IPAC,
4 column    - the total magnitude of the component or of the whole
              system Bt or B(mB) from NED or mpg from MCG,
5 column    - the angular dimensions in units of 0.1 minutes from
              NED or MCG,
6-7 columns - radial velocity of the galaxy: from optical observations
              VRo and from radio observations VRr in according of
              Vaucouleurs catalogue RC3 [9]. By asterisk there were
              marked the data from NED but not contained in RC3.
8-9 columns - the information on IRAS and radiodata,
10 column   - the morphological type of the galaxy: S - spiral,
              E - elliptical, I -irregular,
12 column   - the type of the interaction in according of the
              above-mentioned code,
13-18 columns give the identification of the object with catalogues
              MCG, NGC, Zwicky [10], Markarjan [11], Arp [12],
              UGC [13].The other identifications may be found in NED.

     The study on interacting galaxies was delayed dramatically about 2 decade due to the instrumental opportunites of the astronomy in 60-s. Genuine study began only in 80-s when the importance of the galaxies interaction in their evolution was come to light. Now there are many hundreds papers on the investigation of interacting galaxies. It is just what dreamed B.A.Vorontsov-Velyaminov of which memory we dedicate this catalogue.


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Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow University, 1999