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SAL Home This is a template file of SAL's entry page. It is designed to explain the meaning of each item in the software page.

This first box after the title bar contains two or three components:

  • Title --- the title of the software, one line
  • Description Text --- brief introduction/abstract of the software. It should cover most of the key words associated with the software, since lots of SAL users take advantage of the search engine for locating software. The description here should be less than one page and half of a page is ideal.
  • Logo/Icon Image (optional) --- just like the SAL logo at the left-top corner of the description. If you want to display a logo/icon, please send the image through a e-mail attachment to us, since we like to keep a copy of the image in SAL. Alternatively, we offer ftp uploading when you request it.
SAL certainly welcomes you to contact us when change of software information is needed. SAL's team also contacts software authors regularly for any updates needed. Note: if you would like to send us information about modifying your software page, you can either send me the changed information through email, or you can send me the modified html file after downloading the page from the web browser. But please don't download this template page and modify it for a new entry submission.

Current Version:   version number (N/A if no version control)

Copyright Type:   GPL (or Public Domain, Freeware, Free for Non-Commercial Use, Shareware, or Commercial ......)

If you have a URL pointing to the copyright information, we can also put a link here.

Home Site:
For example, http://SAL.KachinaTech.COM/
or an ftp or gopher URL. Or simply a snail mail address if you don't have any internet access.

Source Code Availability:   Yes/No (do you distribute source code with your software?)

Available Binary Packages: (is there Linux binary with the following packaging methods?)

  • Debian Package:   Yes/No (Debian is a Linux distribution which has a special and advanced packaging algorithm). If you have never heard of Debian before, chances are that your software doesn't offer this package.
  • RedHat RPM Package:   Yes/No (RedHat offers a popular Linux distribution which use RPM packaging tools) If you have never heard of RedHat RPM before, chances are that your software doesn't offer this package.
  • Other Packages:   Yes/No (Slackware, tar.gz, tar.Z, shar, ........)

Targeted Platforms:

For example: Linux/Intel, IBM AIX, SGI IRIX, SunOS, MS Windows 95 .......

Software/Hardware Requirements:

Any non-basic software needed to support the software?
For example: Tcl/Tk, Motif, ........
How much RAM or Hard Disk space?

Other Links:
Are there any other links that are informative to users?

Mailing Lists/USENET News Groups:

Do you have Mailing Lists service associated with the software?
Is there a news group related to the software?
We can put a URL here if you already have this information somewhere else.

User Comments:

  • Any user feedback you would like people to know about?
  • For example, SAL usually gets feedback like "Fantastic job! I have been coming back to this page many times a week. It is one of the pages I frequent most." :)
  • I like this one even more: "Your SAL page makes me think I should get a Linux box for my work."
  • We can put a URL here if you already have this information somewhere else.
  • You can also include information about journal papers, journal review articles, or any other comments that users can find useful about your software.

See A Screen Shot?

If your software has GUI, you might want to let users see a Screen Shot image here. You can supply us with the image files (gif or jpg preferred) through an email attachment or an ftp upload by request. We suggest up to 3 screen shots with no more than 500KB total file size. Alternatively, if you already have screen shots on the Web, we can simply create URL links pointing to them so you don't need to send us the image files.

See a Sample Session?

If your software is text based, you might want to show some simple and interesting results in the text.

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