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There are still many scientific fields not covered thus far. This section collects several software from those areas and organizes them here.
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Other Scientific Fields

Electrical & Related Software   APLAC, FinSim, Chipmunk, interHDL, Magic, Ocean, Spice, Voyeur...
Chemistry, Biology & Related   Babel, GROMOS, MOLMOL, VMD, WHAT IF, XEASY, Xplor....
Artificial Intelligence   FOOL & FOX, HTK, nn/xnn, SNNS, WEKA, Xocr,....
Physics & Astronomy   DDSCAT, DISCUS, Emu/fdtd, LightPipes, NEMO, XFDTD, ....

Other Resources:

Linux Commercial Vendor Index

LINUX BUSINESS APPLICATIONS: This page contains a list of references to commercial sites that make use of Linux to support their day-to-day business functions. It's intended to be useful if you would like to find out more about how Linux is being used in commercial and other ``production'' (i.e., not at home, not just for fun) environments.

Linux NOW! --- A huge library of Linux software, information, and documentations.

The Linux Software Review (LSR): A forum to discuss the various software programs and packages that are available for Linux. Its main purpose is to save you valuable time downloading, compiling, and testing programs that you are not going to use after all. You can read the comments of others, add comments to programs that are beeing discussed, or add a new program or category to the discussion.

Linux Software Encyclopedia--- a collection of various software information for Linux, arranged alphabetically.

Programs & Scripts For Information Retrieval and Corpus Linguistics

Linux in High-Performance Computing

NCSA UNIX Products --- information of

NCSA Collage for X Windows
NCSA Data Transfer Mechanism (DTM)
NCSA MinMaxer
NCSA Mosaic for X Windows
NCSA Reformat/XReformat
NCSA X DataSlice

The Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) collects, analyzes, maintains, and distributes computer software and data sets in the areas of radiation transport and safety.

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