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This section lists many database related software tools and utilities.

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Utilities & Other DBMS   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

barracuda [GPL] -- a BibTeX database manager.
Berkeley Database -- a programmatic toolkit for both traditional and client/server applications.
C/Database Toolchest [CM] -- a C/C++ library with database management functions.
C/Base [CM] -- a 4GL database application development system.
CocoBase [CM] -- Java-based database access modules for creating and maintaining Java to RDBMS.
CodeBase [CM] -- a high-speed, xBASE compatible database engine for C/C++ programmers.
Coral -- a deductive system which supports a rich declarative language, and an interface to C++.
c-tree Plus [CM] -- API handles all aspects of database I/O.
D-ISAM/DISAM96 [CM] -- C-ISAM compatible file handler with improvements.
Tioga DataSplash -- a database visualization environment.
dbMan [GPL] -- a simple SQL monitor for common database system.
DBMEdit -- a web-based DBM database editor.
Empress Embedded Developer's Toolkit [CM] -- embedded applications development toolkit.
ESCHER -- an NF2 database editor wich supports visualization.
FairCom Server [CM] -- multi-threaded server for heterogenous networking data access.
FlagShip [CM] -- a development tool for building business and data-oriented applications.
FreeTDS [GPL] -- re-implementation of Sybase's dblib library for Linux.
gaby [GPL] -- a small personal databases manager using GTK+.
NEW Gedafe [GPL] -- an application independent end-user web front-end for databases.
GiST -- a generalized database search tree for all B-tree and its variations.
Infoflex-4GL [CM] -- a powerful 4GL language, syntactically similar to Informix.
Isearch -- information retrieval, free/fielded text retrieval.
KnowledgeSEEKER [CM] -- data analysis and prediction system from database.
locus -- a fulltext database engine for Linux.
MAX [CM] -- Xbase compiler with integrated database engine.
mdb -- a Motif based database manager for a reasonable sized database.
MetaKit -- a highly dynamic cross-platform database library for medium-sized applications.
MPSQL -- an SQL GUI client for PostgreSQL.
ObjecTrieve [CM] -- a library of C functions for efficiently manage ISAM files.
OBST [GPL] -- a persistent object management system.
OpenLink Virtuoso [CM] -- transparent access to your existing various databases.
Qbib [GPL] -- a bibliography management system based on Qddb.
QuickList [GPL] -- simple program similar to Microsoft Works databases for keeping track of things.
RAIMA Product [CM] -- high performance products for database applications development.
r-tree [CM] -- report generator for c-tree Plus data files.
Shore -- a persistent object manager.
SQLkit -- for writing FlagShip programs capable of communicating with an external SQL database.
Sqsh -- a replacement for 'isql' program supplied by Sybase.
SS-File [SR] -- a flat-file database manager program for Unix designed to provide simple data storage.
Sybase Open Client/C for LINUX -- a port of Sybase's Client-Library to Linux.
VisDB -- a visual data mining and database exploration system.
Widd [GPL] -- a front end application for database which implements sql3/sql92.
WODA -- a web oriented database development system.
XBase DBMS -- provides C/C++ programmers a library for manipulating Xbase file.
XDBM -- a database designed specifically to handle XML data.
XenonSql -- a Java based interactive SQL Editor.
xmbase-grok -- flat file single-user database useful for personal use.

Also Check Out:
10 Out Of 1 Desk [CM] -- GUI library, desktop manager, word processor, spreadsheet, database, etc.
PFL [GPL] -- a simple functional language with database extensions.
QueriX 4GL -- 4GL compilers which are Informix 4GL compatible.
NEW SIDB [GPL] -- a web-driven database for images.
SixPack [GPL] -- a bibliography and reference manager.
StudioJ [CM] -- integrated Java components for data analysis/charting/database access.

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