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Different from Relational DBMS (RDBMS), Object-Oriented DBMS (ODBMS) stores objects rather than simple data types. Since it is capable of handling image, graphics, and audio/video data elegantly, the ODBMS market has expanded beyond the engineering arena. More importantly, ODBMS provides transparent bindings to object-oriented languages such as C++ and Smalltalk, rather than forces a single query lagnuage (i.e. SQL) as its interface. This helps in building reusable, component-based, mission-critical, software systems.

For some practical reasons, many available ODBMSs are hybrid systems, or object-relational DBMSs. However, these systems are able to handle complex data types equally well.

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Object-Oriented DBMS   ([CM] Commercial, [SR] Shareware, [GPL] GPL)

NEW db4o -- a database for objects based on Java.
FLORID -- a deductive object-oriented database prototype.
FramerD [GPL] -- a portable distributed object-oriented database for knowledge bases.
H-PCTE -- a partial, fast implementation of the object management system.
LINCKS [GPL] -- an object-centred multi-user database system for information system applications.
KE Texpress [CM] -- an object-oriented multi-user database management system.
MOOD-SX [GPL] -- OODBMS capable of concurrent, multi-client database services on the Internet.
O2 Object Database System [CM] -- solution for C++, Java and CORBRA developers.
Objectivity/DB [CM] -- distributed object database management system.
ozone -- a multi-user object-oriented database implemented completely in Java.
Polyhedra [CM] -- an object-relational, event-driven, real-time, memory-resident, persistent DBMS.
PostgreSQL -- a object-relational DBMS.
Versant ODBMS [CM] -- object database system for multi-user, distributed applications.
ROL -- a deductive object database system.

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