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GNAT (GNU Ada) is a high-quality, complete compiler for Ada95, integrated into the GCC compiler system. GNAT is a complete compiler, validated on several platforms, that includes support for all the Ada 95 annexes specified in the Ada Reference manual. Because of its integration into the GCC system, GNAT is available on a large number of hardware/operating system platforms, and can be used as a cross-compiler from any of its targets to any other one. Because of the common code-generator technology of GCC, GNAT has excellent support for multi-language programming: Ada, C, C++, fortran, etc.

Ada 95 is the latest Ada standard. It is also the first ISO and ANSI standard programming language to fully support object-oriented programming. Ada 95 is fully upward compatible with Ada 83 (ISO 87) and has the same robust foundation in Software Engineering. At the same time, it provides up-to-date features for today's megaprogramming tasks. This makes Ada 95 into the ideal language for large industrial projects. The ease with which Ada 95 can interface with other languages make it an ideal choice as well for the multilanguage systems of today and the coming century.

Current Version:   3.13p

License Type:   GNU GPL

Home Site:

Source Code Availability:   Yes

Available Binary Packages:

Targeted Platforms:

Unix (Alpha Digital Unix, HP-UX, Linux/Intel, SGI IRIX, SNI SINIX, Sparc Solaris/SunOS), Windows 95/NT, OS/2, Powermac Machten, DOS

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Mailing Lists/USENET News Groups: for bug reports. for chit/chat about gnat.

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