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Icon XView based scientific graph plotting and data analysis tool. Main Features of Robot:

  • Graph plotting in various styles - error bars, histogram, symbols, lines, dashed lines etc. Linear or logarithmic axes.
  • Data manipulation - arithmetic, functions, Fourier transforms, smoothing, folding, sorting.
  • Fitting to data using built in functions such as Gaussians, polynomials, Lorentzians, and/or a user defined function.
  • Annotation of graphs with text in various styles, simple drawing tools.
  • Interaction with Robot is via pull-down menus, buttons etc. and/or a pseudo command line type interface.
  • Commands are stored in log files for later play back, editing etc.
  • Command files can also include basic programming constructs: loops, if tests, user defined variables.
  • Multi-color plots. Multiple plots per page. Multiple pages.
  • Output in PostScript format.

Current Version:   X4.92

License Type:   Free

Home Site:

Source Code Availability: Yes

Available Binary Packages:

Targeted Platforms:

Sun (SunOS and Solaris), LINUX, DEC Alpha, and DECstation.

Software/Hardware Requirements:

XView, C compiler, FORTRAN compiler (f77) or converter (e.g. f2c) Some binary distributions (Linux, Sun's, DECstations) are available for those without compilers.
The full distribution (source, documentation etc.) takes up about 2.0Mbytes of disc space and the executable consumes approximately 1.4 Mbytes of RAM or greater (depending on the size of the data files being plotted).

Other Links: (FTP site)
Corbet, R.H.D., Larkin, C. & Nousek, J.A. Proceedings of "Astronomical Data Analysis and Software Systems", Tucson, November, 1991. ASP Conference Series, 1992, 25, 106. (ISBN 0-937707-44-9)

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User Comments:

  • Thanks for your help, I have used robot to plot graphs for my doctors thesis, and for a couple of papers submitted to journals (J.PHYS.A, etc).
  • I am using robot for plotting graphs in the field of Biophysics.
  • I would have to say that your Robot program is the best designed and functional program I have seen using Xview outside of the standard Sun applications. Congratulations! I hope that you will continue to add more functions to the software.

See A Screen Shot? main control panel, an example plot, another example plot

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