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LinkWinds version 2.3 applies a unique data-linking paradigm resulting in a system which functions much like a graphical spreadsheet. It is not only a powerful method for organizing large amounts of data for analysis, but provides a highly intuitive, easy-to-learn, easy-to-retain user interface on top of the traditional graphical user interface. The linking of data displays and controls for their manipulation provides great flexibility in rapidly exploring large masses of complex data to quickly detect trends, correlations and anomalies. The system is comprised of a large and expanding suite of non-domain specific applications and provides for the ingestion of a variety of database formats. Its many functions and services include

  • 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional graphical displays of data.
  • The ability to deal with very large data files.
  • Interactive visual data subsetting either at the input or output
  • Supersetting to construct higher dimensionality data sets from sets of data files. This is useful for building time series from daily data accumulations.
  • Simultaneous display and analysis of multiple data sets which may be totally unrelated.
  • A unique and easy-to-use animation creation and display capability.
  • Interactive color manipulation.
  • A journal and macro capability allowing replay of an entire session or any portion thereof.
  • Hard copy of graphical displays and text.
  • A context-sensitive help system.
  • Network support for collaborative data analysis with partners anywhere on the internet, using virtually no bandwidth.
  • In addition to archived data sets, LinkWinds has demonstrated an ability to ingest and display real time data, which may be from spacecraft, laboratory experiments, or computer simulations.
The data file formats accepted by LinkWinds 2.3 are:
  1. Raw binary data in signed and unsigned 1, 2 and 4 byte integers and 4 and 8 byte floating point.
  2. The Hierarchical Data Format (HDF).
  3. The Common Data Format (CDF).
  4. NetCDF.
  5. The Silicon Graphics, Inc. native RGB image format.
  6. Data with Planetary Data System (PDS) headers.
  7. The astrophysics Flexible Image Transport System (FITS).
  8. ASCII text data.
  9. Two data formats of UARS, the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite. Both the format maintained by the Goddard DAAC and the UNIX variant of the format of the Central Data Handling Facility (CDHF) are readable.
  10. The Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment (SAGE) data format.
  11. HDF-EOS including NASA Scatterometer data.

Current Version:   2.3

License Type:   Free for Non-Commercial Use,

Home Site:

Source Code Availability: No

Available Binary Packages:

  • Debian Package: No
  • RedHat RPM Package: No
  • Other Packages: Yes

Targeted Platforms:

SGI, Sun, IBM, HP and PC-based Linux workstations.

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