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SA (Simulated Annealing Plug-In for NExS) solves optimization problems by modeling potential solutions as electron spins which flip into a configuration that lowers the total energy of a system. Each solution is made up of individual spins which are either one or zero. The energy rating of a solution is determined by plugging the values of its spins into a function that returns a numerical energy score. SA proceeds by randomly selecting and flipping it to its opposite value. If the energy of the new configuration is improved, it will be accepted as the new solution. If the energy increases, however, the new solution may be accepted if the increase in the energy satisfies an exponential inequality related to a simulated temperature, T. When T is high, it is possible for the system to make jumps to higher energy states. This prevents the solutions from becoming stuck in a local optimum. As T is decreased, the chance of the system increasing its energy is also decreased. Thus, the cooling created by lowering T will eventually force the solution into a low energy state.

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License Type:   Commercial

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Linux/i486, Solaris, SunOS, HP/UX, AIX, OSF1.

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NExS SpreadSheet.

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