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CPLEX Optimization software products include:

  • CPLEX Linear Optimizer Base System -- includes fast and robust primal simplex, dual simplex, and network simplex solvers for linear programming problems, provided in an easy-to-use interactive format. Also provides all basic features and utilities for using these solvers: sophisticated problem preprocessing, file reading/writing utilities, reporting, messaging control, interactive revision capability, efficient restart from an advanced basis, sensitivity analysis, and a simple command structure with an on-line help system.
  • CPLEX Callable Library Option -- a format option providing CPLEX algorithms and features in a true, comprehensive library of CPLEX algorithmic and utility routines allowing users to easily "embed" the powerful CPLEX engine within their applications. Provides unparalleled flexibility as well as efficient and seamless integration into user-written programs developed in C, FORTRAN, or other languages.
  • CPLEX Mixed Integer Solver Option -- adds the capability to solve problems with mixed integer variables (general or binary). Utilizes state-of-the art algorithms and techniques, including cuts (cliques & covers), heuristics, and a variety of branching and node selection strategies. Includes a sophisticated mixed integer pre-processing system. Solves even large and difficult integer problems quickly and efficiently.
  • CPLEX Barrier/QP Solver -- an optional primal-dual log barrier algorithm with predictor corrector. Very useful for solving certain classes of linear programming models. Includes a fast crossover to basic solutions. Also solves quadratic programming problems.
CPLEX software is used to solve resource allocation models in thousands of large-scale, mission-critical applications throughout the world.

Current Version:   6.5

License Type:   Commercial (note Linux version is for academic only, not available for commercial applications)

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  • Debian Package: No
  • RedHat RPM Package: No
  • Other Packages: ??

Targeted Platforms:

Fully commercial version supports Cray Unicos, DEC Alpha, HP-UX, IBM RS/6000 AIX, NCR UNIX, SGI IRIX, Sun SunOS or Solaris, PowerMac MacOS, DOS, OS/2, Windows 3.1/95/NT. Detail at
Academic version is available on Linux.

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